Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stitchy Hellos - A fun Giveaway!!

Today's project was punching holes with a needle so I can be ready to stich these cute cards soon.

Have you seen these great cards?  The company is Sublime Stitching .  I believe I found these cards at Fancy Tiger in Denver.  They have great stuff, and a cute blog.

Anyhow, you use the needles they provide to punch a hole on each dot of the card, then I'll go back through with the thread provided to create the design.

I am so excited to create these and have a reason to send one out in the mail!  The "real" mail, snailmail as it were.  So to have a chance to have one of these beauties sent to you....finished of course with a special note from me in it, please leave a comment here.  Tell me your favorite embroidery stitch.  If you don't embroider, tell me your favorite project you've done, or seen someone else do.

You probably have a few days to make comments before I finish the card.  But make a comment now!  As soon as it is stitched, it will be sent to a random winner.

Good Luck!


  1. My favorite stitch has to the be french knot. I love how it can form shapes, look like flower stamin, make butterflies anteneas and much more. What a lovely giveaway.

  2. Ohh ohh oh me me me!! I want to win!! Imagine me with my hand up and jumping up and down!! LOL I will agree with Sheila that the french knot is a good one!! I will have to vote for the buillon knot though!! I like the look of it, it is similar to the french knot...however I do really like the good ole back stitch!!