Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Start on the Art Journal

So I finally took the first step to begin my art journal.  I thought the journal from evalicious was going to be the start, but I decided I wanted a bigger canvas and heavier weight pages for what I want to do first.  

We stopped at Dick Blick's after my Dad's cardiology appointment today and did a quick run through of the store.  I bought chipboard for my Recipe Swaps for Silver Bella.  I also picked up a cool book-making kit, that I'll try at some point.

When we got home tonight another one of my aunt's stopped by for a visit.  Then we spent some time with our 13 year old Lab who was struggling today.  I am hoping he is better tomorrow, especially with the weather cooling off some.

I decided to punch holes for binder rings on my journal.  I am using a variety of 3 kinds of paper pictured here.  

The covers are heavy weight thin canvases.  I thought I was going to put in smaller papers and such, and I may still do that later, so I punched four holes.

We will see if inspiration hits me this weekend, and perhaps I'll decorate the covers.

We are having a surprise birthday party early for my niece who will turn 8 on Aug 6th.  I bought her art supplies and "real" art paper, I think she'll love them!

Happy Crafting,



  1. Oh how I miss having a Dick Blick!! I could paruse through there for hours looking at the art supplies!! Can't wait to see more journal.

  2. Rachel,

    Thanx for stopping by my blog and the advice regarding Kippy.I will look into the info you gave.

    The Dr. had put him on the antacid and a proprietary blend medicine/nutrient. She also changed his food. That's when he quickly went down hill. Don't know if it is coincidence or the cause of the non-eating business. So I don't want to give the antacid again.

    The Protocel is a super , powerful natural supplement. I'm praying for healing. Boy, it is tough.Thank you for your understanding and comfort.Lydia...and hope MaGraw will fully heal as well.

  3. PS- Love your blog banner.:)