Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stichery continued!

Hi Everyone,

Tonight we had yet another couple of old neighbors stop by for a visit.  Bud and Betty stopped by and brought 3 8x10 pictures for me of the sidewalk chalk art I created for them when I was a wee thing.  It was a poem about trees and a rainbow with birds.  I will have to try to scan them and share this weekend!  What a flashback.

After they left I worked a little more on my sampler.  

I really like how my flowers came out.  I am enjoying using the little bits I have laying around in this so I can see them all the time.  

I added a little to my peace block, and my Dad thought the little misshapen pyramid looked like Chimney Rock, which is a famous landmark in Nebraska.  I think he is right!  I am sure that is what I had in mind all the while ;) 


Happy Crafting,



  1. I love how your stitchery piece is coming along... beautiful!

  2. It is so stinkin' cute Rach!! I love it! I am glad to see that you are getting some crafting done! How is your dad?

  3. Thanks! I am about done, will post another pic in 2 min. Dad is doing well, he may have surgery as early as next week, we'll talk to the Doc again this Friday!