Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stiching Sampler BEGUN, oh boy!

Hi everyone,

We had more visitors today.  First our neighbors from YEARS ago stopped out.  It was nice to see them.  Then a couple coworkers of my Dad's and then another past coworker of his stopped to say hello.  It is nice to see so many people care!  Oh and the comments being left at regarding our news video and article are really heartwarming.  We discovered from one post that the man who did the chest compressions on my Dad before the Firemen came happened to be a cardiac nurse...sitting right in front of us!!  What a miracle!

After all the visitors, I pulled some of my crafting supplies out to the living room to decide what to work on.  I almost started trying to figure out how to put together one of my bracelet kits from French General, but had no clue, and figured I would learn from Ms. French General herself, Kaari Meng at Silver Bella!  So then I pulled out my embroidery supplies.  I was completely inspired to work on a stichery project after nearly finishing my Rebecca Sower bracelet from Silver Bella, and then by seeing the Wonderful Amy Powers Stiching Sampler on her blog inspireco.  Amy's sampler is gorgeous and so inspired by her wonderful family.  I am a beginner embroiderer, so I hope to learn a few new stiches along the way and come up with something pretty cool.

Here are the first two squares: 

Don't ask me what the second block was going to be!  I started trying to do a larger pyramid using an interesting stich, but I didn't draw it out and it became really short!  Those Pyramid contractors didn't have much of a budget ;)  Anyhoo, I am enjoying it already!  I am going to try and add at least one block a day!  Anyone else want to start one too??  Stiching on the buddy system??

Crafty dreams,


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  1. Oh, it sounds like fun... I may just have to start stitchin' some for me ***since I am feverishly stitching on 4 Bella Swaps - I better wait until they are done!***