Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Day

Happy Weekend!

I was so happy on Saturday to just wake up whenever I did and not have a whole lot to do.  My brother and his daughters came out to spend the day with us so that was nice to see them.  My nieces got into making bookmarks and drawing on some "real art paper".  Needless to say, there will be glitter all over the house for weeks to come.  

I began to work on my Silver Bella swap that I am hosting - A Year of Tags Swap.  I am Miss October for the swap, and let's just say the Orange and Purple watercolors and watercolor crayons got some use today.  I only have 5 tags done - need to make 12!  Tomorrow I hope to squeeze more time in to get further along.  I will then be making the covers for the finished book of tags for all my gals.

My youngest niece was very sweet today.  I asked her to sing a song for her grandpa to make him feel better.  She said, "well Family should make him feel better".  I asked her to elaborate, and she said that being with family always makes her feel good.  Being with us today she said made her feel good, and being with her Dad makes her feel good too.  Pretty wise words from a nearly 8 year old!  

To that end, I am posting a few Family shots.  Me and my Dad up top, and me and my nieces below.
Hug your family,


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  1. Pretty smart little girl... family does make everything better. Love the pictures!