Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun Fabrics!

Hello All -

I am itchin' to post the pics of my October Tags for the Year of Tags Swap for Silver Bella, but alas if I do it won't be a surprise!!  DANG IT!  I have a hard time having something for people and not being able to give it to them right away!  That is why I don't shop too early for burn a hole in my pocket!  I am nearly done with the Tags and then I will begin the covers for the finished Year books!

Ok, so I need to post about something else to take my mind off not sharing the tags....How about the new Japanese fabrics I purchased on etsy?!?  I bought them from sonatine's shop.  (watch the shipping rates, it's a little pricey of course coming from Japan!)  My mom was jealous I received a package from Japan....maybe I will share with her ?!?  Or maybe I will make a little quilt with some of them and have her quilt it for me.  

Anyhoo - here they are....  I love the vintagey looking french one:

... and the japanese crazy candy one.  

The flowers with the dots fabric reminded me of an old feedsack, which I love love love.

I think I may create a large yo yo to affix to my art journal.  I laid out all the art journal supplies too tonight and just stared at them.  Apparently the cover and paper I bought is 9x12, so it doesn't fit in a normal three hole punch....challenging....

Tomorrow after my Dad's doctors appointment I may try and stop at Dick Blicks to get some lightweight Chipboard so I can begin on my Recipe Swap for Silver Bella.  

Is everyone as happy that tomorrow is Friday as I am??

Happy Crafting,


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  1. Yummy fabric!! I think that you should send me an email with a picture of the tags in it. Since I am not in the swap it will still be a surprise!! That way you can share them and can get that urge out of your mind!! If I send you an email with some pics of a blanket that I am going to sew together do you think your mom can give me some easy quiliting advice?? I bought a panel at Joann's for my niece that just had a baby and I want to put it together. I am thinking that I will just quilt the straight lines..not sure what to do?? {Big hugs}Ali