Friday, July 10, 2009


We arrived back at my parent's place in Nebraska late last night.  We will be here a month or so, and head back to Denver for my Dad's bypass surgery.  I wanted to include a photo of four of the Firemen that saved my Dad's life at Red Rock's a couple weeks ago.  I am eternally grateful to these men, and to the others onsite that assisted.  How can you begin to thank these men that have given you so much?  The Firemen came to the hospital yesterday before my Dad was discharged.   My Dad was very happy to have a chance to thank these guys, and the Firemen were really happy to see they had such a great outcome.  Channel 9 News came by to do a piece on my Dad's Heart Attack, rescue, and the Life Vest that he is wearing until surgery.  I will add the link to the interview if/when it is listed.

I brought some crafting supplies, and will start a project or two perhaps this weekend.  We have lots of things to get settled here, like the matter of groceries for a new Heart Healthy Cardiac diet!  If anyone has some good recipes that are low fat, low cholesterol and low sodium, please send them my way!

Please tell the loved ones in your life to be sure to get an annual physical and if there is heart disease in your family history get a stress test and EKG, even if you feel fine and are in good shape!

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  1. Your Dad's smile says it all!!! So glad that he is doing better!! It just gives me chills to see the 4 firefighters that saved your dad. What true heros they are!

    Sent you an email about swap.