Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Visitors and Glitter!!


Today two of my Dad's brother's came to visit, so we spent some time catching up with them this evening.  After they left I spent some time "organizing" all the things I brought with me to Nebraska.  I was also considering what project I could start using my new glitter!  During our Michael's stop on Sunday I picked up some Martha goods!

Any ideas?? 

Today the boys had a fun filled day.  They watched the baby bird fly from above the window to the nest by the front door.  To those that have cats and have heard them make that crazy "k k k k " sound with their mouths going crazy, you will know what I mean when I say MaGraw was making that sound at the baby bird. 

Then Harley was tuckered out.  I have never seen him flop on the couch like this, he seemed very comfortable sleeping like this!

Oh I almost forgot to show the pic of my new printer!  I have printed two photos so far for my Dad and my Mom has used it for faxing all the paperwork to the doctors!  It is pretty cool I have to say!

Off to bed, I need to get used to this Central Time Zone!!

Happy Crafting,



  1. OMG..a few years ago I used to have this wild kitty that would go nuts when he saw anything out the window. He once got out and chased something up a tree and seriously did not come back down. He was up there for three days. Finally Tom came home with the fire truck(we used to live very close to the station that he was assigned to) and he put the fire ladder up the tree and got him down. I miss him!! He escaped another time and we found that he had been hit by a car. :-( Lovin' all that yummy glitter!! I think you need to find an old lamp shade and strip it of the material and make a cool mobile for your studio!! Kara and I picked some up to make. Actually I think we should wait and make those together! Hmmm..thinking for a new project for you! later sista!

  2. I have that same pack of glitter from Martha's collection. At Christmas-time last year, I cut some holly leaves from glittered green paper, then painted some veins with a glue pen & glittered the veins with a darker shade of glitter. I discovered that glitter can be dangerously addicting!

  3. Both great ideas thanks for the comments! I am thinking I may use the leaves idea Heather, and add them to the frame that I'll put my sampler in! Glitter leaves, and a fabric flower! I'll work on that and share when complete :)