Thursday, October 1, 2015

Exciting Announcement!! Handmade U - Stitch Team

Hi Everyone!!

I am so excited to announce that Handmade U now has our own Stitch Team!!

I love designing and coming up with lots of stitching ideas for you all, but don't always have time to create multiple samples and I know many of you have wonderful creative ideas on how to make things "your own".  So I decided that to give you the biggest variety of ideas I needed to recruit some of my favorite stitchers that would be excited to share their stitching with all of you!!

So without further adieu.... drum roll please ....

Jennifer Allred of The Turquoise Tomato

Carey Powell of According to Carey 

Shae Otto 

These three will be our Powerhouse Stitchers for HANDMADE U!  I'm so excited to have each one onboard for this adventure with me!!  Love them all!  Thank you ladies for stepping into the unknown and coming along for the ride!!

During the Spring 2015 Handmade U semester I taught a little class stitching the Big Red Barn!  I love my barn, and what a fun way to bring it to so many but to have an embroidery sampler of it!

I'll be teaching an upcoming class on Brave Girl University to show you ideas on how to stitch your own Big Red Barn soon!  I will also have samplers for purchase sometime in the near future!

If you haven't already signed up for Brave Girl University please do so here at my LINK

Can't wait to share more with you soon!!

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall 2015 Handmade U Quick Highlights and Spring 2016 Announcement!

Hi Everyone,

I am still coming down from the Handmade U High since our Fall semester was this past weekend.  Each semester it just seems to get better and better.  The teachers, the ladies, the projects, the food, and the weather - All just SOOO Good!

I'll be posting lots of pics and stories from the weekend but wanted to give you a few highlights from the past weekend, and give you the info on next semester!!

 Lorraine Bell and Rae Missigman are a dynamic duo!  Both their classes which they taught together were AMAZING!!  I think everyone FINISHED their projects which is always a treat!

Cora McGough especially loved Rae!

We also had Nicole be our right-hand girl for the weekend.  Wow did this make a big difference, thank you so much Nicole!  Look forward to having you back in May!

Here is our Fall 2015 Class!  A good mix of 1-peaters (Freshmen) and 2-, 3-, ...up to an 8-peater!  Love that my repeaters come back time and time again.  It is like a family reunion when we all can get together and love welcoming 1-peaters into the fold.

I'll be sharing all the details of the weekend, from the class projects to the food to the SWAPS!!

I know so many of you have asked "WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE?!?"  The answer is May 12-14, 2016!  We will be welcoming Mindy Lacefield to Handmade U to teach her inspired work!!  

I'll be teaching as well and be showing you how to create a Leather Quiltdori!

Can't wait!  Go check it out HERE!!  Be sure to like us on Facebook HERE to stay current on updates!!

More to come on the wonderful time we had this past weekend.  I miss all the girls so much already!!


Friday, July 31, 2015

Brave Girl University - Come Join in the Fun!

I found Brave Girls Club  by word of mouth at a local art retreat back in 2009.  It was right after Melody and Kathy hosted their first Camp.  I had no idea at the time what it really was, or who these women were, but I felt I was being called to attend, so I signed up....all alone, knowing no one.  I wasn't afraid, or overly anxious, the need for a retreat overwhelmed any nervousness that I might have felt in going to a cabin in Idaho to stay with 20 women for 5 days.

Well that was 2010, now 5 years later I've been to many Brave Girl Camps, each time learning from not only the Brave Girls team, but from the women from all around the world that attend.  Each woman brings their life experience and shares the lessons they've learned with all of us.  

Since everyone can't attend Camp, the online courses came about and opened up the opportunity for girls around the world to learn the same lessons from Camp and new ones from Melody and Kathy.  The Facebook groups created that space to connect and share experiences with woman around the world.

Not to stand still in their Mission to CHANGE THE WORLD... Melody, Kathy, and the whole Brave Girls Team have a new vision for GIVING women around the globe the opportunity to LEARN from women around the globe!  They have seen it in person over and over that we ALL have gifts to share with others and what better forum to share those than BRAVE GIRL UNIVERSITY!

I'm honored to be a teacher sharing my classes with you beginning September 1 when the University is in Session.

Click on the picture above for more information and to support me by signing up with my link.  I can't wait for you to check it out.  Not only will you have access to my classes but ALL classes from so many AMAZING teachers.  September 1 is going to be like Christmas morning!  So much goodness, so much inspiration, so much LOVE.

SIGN UP TODAY!!!  You will NOT want to miss this!


{P.S.  YOU NEED NOT BE AN "ARTIST", "CRAFTY" , "CREATIVE", all those things that you believe you might not be....  Just bring yourself, your willingness to learn a few new things, and your readiness for some FUN}

Thursday, July 30, 2015

It's What's for Dinner

Hi All -

Are you in a rut for what to make for dinner?  I feel like I have been rotating 4 or 5 main dishes week after week.  I try to only cook whole food.  No frozen or processed boxes of preprepared food here.  We also don't eat much if any red meat.  So that narrows it down to ground turkey, pork, and fish.

Some of our easy go to recipes are Ground Turkey Spaghetti with brown rice noodles, chicken thighs baked with coconut oil, with perhaps a side of baked carrots or other veggie, maybe a crustless quiche.

I also love the Ground Pork Meatballs with mashed cauliflower in this recipe book.  This book in general has some amazing Paleo meals, ones with few ingredients (a total requirement for me) and just good staples.

Recently I was at the Tractor Supply Store and picked up a great cookbook. (I never thought I'd hang around there much, but with these babies frequent trips are a must!)

Anyhoo, I stumbled upon this recipe book that peaked my interest.  So glad I picked it up!!

There are a number of recipes that I want to try but the one I keep making is the sausages with grapes, polenta, and gorgonzola cheese!!  YUM.  I mean really YUM!  Polenta in a tube is an under-rated under-utilized least it has been for us.  I'm buying three at a time now!

Do you cook polenta?  What are your favorite recipes??

Let me know if you have either of these cookbooks and what your favorite recipes are!

Happy Dinner Planning!

Up next planning on recipes utilizing lots of Farm Fresh Eggs....we are anxiously awaiting our first!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Handmade U Semester 8 - Hoop Art SWAP

Hi Again,

Part of the excitement in preparing to come to Handmade U are the many SWAPS to participate in.  This gives the ladies that are really anxious to get here a little something to keep them busy before HU begins.... (or a lot busy if you sign up for ALL of them)

As I mentioned in the last post I host the Color Box Swap and then ask other students to host their own swap.  They provide me the guidelines and then pair up the participants that sign up or coordinate all the participants if it is a group vs one-on-one swap.  This semester we had a few new ideas that were loads of fun!

Jennifer suggested and hosted the Hoop Art Swap!  This was a one-on-one swap that each participant created (or purchased) a meaningful hoop based on what they could gather from their partner of their interests.

These hoops really hit to the heart of each of us!  So thoughtful and lovingly created or purchased!!

Jayne & Laura:

Suzanne & Kim:

Dawn & Nicole:

Mackenzie & Charity:

 Me & Beth:

 Jennifer & Julie:

Casey & Ali:

Katie & Tammy:

Dianne & Bianca:

All the hoops were so fun to see!  Everyone had their own take on them and made them special for their partners!  So fun!

This swap I think should be a keeper!!

More to come!