Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is it Friday Yet?

Hi All-

No crafting done today.  However I gathered lots of inspiration adding a number of new blogs to my google reader account.  Does everyone use Google Reader to house all their favorite blogs they like to read?  I was having a heck of a time going into all my favorites to see if there were updates, that is until I found the Google Reader, and now I can easily see which ladies have updated their blogs and spend time reading those and finding new ones!  I love it.

I thought I would include a picture of Harley tonight.  This is how I felt all day, so yawny!  Then of course I couldn't get away without posting a pic of MaGraw too, so he is below too.  I always have to take pics of MaGraw with colorful backgrounds so you can see that black little kitty!

Happy Crafty Dreams,



  1. I use the Blogs I Follow - part of the dashboard on blogger to keep up with all of the blogs I love to read. Everytime one of my blogs that I follow posts I see it on my dashboard and I just click on the blog there. Easy and time saving!

  2. Great will have to show me how to do this. I have computer issues always! Love the sampler. I want a class! teach me!!! Your stitching is just beautiful! Hope your dad is mending! Talk to you soon!!! -K

  3. I love love google reader!! It is great! Those kittys! I just want to pick them up and cuddle so sweet!! Keep well! ~hugs~ Ali

  4. Cute Kitties! :D

    yapping cat