Sunday, August 15, 2010


Woad Day was Wednesday. Woad day was one of my favorite days in France. It was a relaxing day at the Chateau. We started by hearing a little history about Woad from the Queen of Woad, Denise. She taught us how it was made and how it went back ages for the Royal families in France. We then went out to the vats of woad that were ready for our linens, clothing, basically everything we brought, bought, or could scrouge up from our luggage.

Really once you get started you can't stop. The two vats were a lighter blue or lighter woad, and a darker one. I chose darker for most of my items, I just really love a dark blue...sorry dark woad! Think of woad like an indigo, but woad.

After you soak your item in the vat, you pull it out and it begins to oxidize when it hits the air. So basically it turns from a pee green color to the beautiful shades of blue that you see here.
It is an amazing transformation right in front of your eyes!

Kaari used some of her French General fabrics for some woading experiment. We were told there were only so many shades of woad that could be created. Kaari and her sister Molly took the challenge and won!

Some of my woad creations!! I had brought a number of items to woad, and grabbed a few others out of my suitcase! The floral bag was the gift that Kaari gave us, originally a Khaki color, but a few of us thought why not WOAD it!! I Love it WOADED!

To top off this day I not only had the most AMAZING massage I've ever had in the middle of the day, but after our Woading, we had a Delightful Tea Party....

That is coming up next!!!



  1. Love all that you did with the woad thing! Gorgeous!

  2. What a great "woad" day! Looks like so much fun. I love that you dipped your bag you got. Yea with a great massage and tea party! That doesn't happen around here! lol!

  3. Who would have thought "woading" was sooo much fun!!!! Can't wait to hear about the tea party!!!! Keep your stories and pictures coming! I'm so diggin it!

  4. i love the shot with all your woad. a classic.
    the next week, denise's friend had stitched up some pieces that said "woad it!" on them

  5. Are you able to woad back home or is it something special to France?

  6. Love your woading day with Kaari and friends. I'm with you all in spirit.


  7. Lisa - you can woad at home if you order the woad and cook it all up yourself, but it is quite a process, I don't know you can do it on a small enough scale...but it might be worth a try. I think if you order the Woad it comes from France!