Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Monday morning of Crafting, a Hat Factory Tour, and a Brochante!

After the busy Sunday, Monday morning was a nice pace of breakfast and visiting the gorgeous studio that Lizzie has in her coach house across from the Chateau.

It was light and bright, and full of goodies from Kaari!

Monday we started with jewelry. I've taken Kaari's class before at Silver Bella, so with the basics down, I focused on putting all the charms on the bracelet and necklace, then making it my own. It was amazing that with nearly all the same options available to us, each of the talented ladies created their own one of kind special bracelet and necklace!

After a beautiful lunch we were off to one of very few hat factories still in production.

Chateau Willie's was so kind to bring us in and show us how they create wonderful hats today. They also showed us a peek of the backroom which housed hundreds if not thousands of vintage hat molds from years gone by. It was such a step back in time to see some of these old style hats!

During our visit there were two women working on the machines

The heat to set the hats is used on these machines

After our hat adventure, we stopped at one of the favorite brochantes.

In an upcoming post I will share with you what amazing find and purchase that I made here!! The purchase although exciting for me, did create the luggage poundage issue later in the trip :) Well worth it I believe.....the find was made just beyond those green doors!!!

Until tomorrow!


  1. Really!?! You are going to keep us in suspense??

  2. Looks like you had soo much fun! Can't wait to see what you brought home!

  3. Yes a little suspense never hurts!! Hehe!