Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cemetery of St Antonine

St Antonine was one of my favorite little towns that we visited. Not only did it host such a wonderful Farmer's Market the Sunday morning we stopped by, but it held so much to see and photograph.

The cemetery was unlike any I've walked through before. It was located on a corner in town, and was full of large cement tomes,

porcelain prayers,

iron crosses,

cement crosses,

and beaded floral crosses

The bead work was amazing, and we all couldn't get over how well preserved it all was, no one had harmed the work, and it appeared to have been there a long time.

At the flea market in Paris and another little shop we found our own beaded flowers such as these that adorn this cross to take home with us.

More France to come.



  1. Rachel, You went on an incredible trip and I have really enjoyed looking at all of your photos. I would sure love to go next year. Take Care- Sylvia Smith

  2. WOw that is amazing! I love walking through old cemetery's but I have never been to any so ornate.