Sunday, August 1, 2010

Still Hungry?

More food to share from France!!

The first few days in France were warm. The evenings cooled down but during the day the sun blazed down and it was TOASTY!

This fruit ceviche appetizer was a delightfully cool refresher!

We enjoyed a nice salad, veggies, potatoes and a stuffed rolled turkey with pistachios.

One our trip to Cordes, a charming medieval cobblestoned hilly town, we had a lunch at an outdoor cafe. The memories included a beautiful view:

The mister drip being right above my head and getting a little soaked, but staying cool :)

And most of all this goat cheese salad! The main dish I had was some sort of duck which I didn't really care, for, but this salad made up for it, and I was satisfied for the afternoon!

For our dinner back at Chateau Dumas

The Mushroom Pate was divine start to the meal.

The main dish was a cornish hen with stuffed zucchini and oh so good scalloped potatoes!

Dessert was such a treat as well...the food was all so fresh, you knew it came straight from the farms to our table.

Being someone who has a touchy stomach, I was a little worried to eat all this Rich French food. I was pleasantly surprised that I felt great eating all the food at the Chateau, even all the cheese, which was so fresh tasting.

For lunches we typically ate fairly light, a big selection of fresh salads and vegetables to choose from. I typically chose ALL of them!

One of my favorite appetizers to eat are Artichokes. The White Chocolate Grill has wonderful artichokes, and in Omaha M's Pub has a tasty one as well. I've also made Artichokes myself just by cutting off the top and steaming them for 45 minutes. Add a little butter dipping sauce and you are good to go.

So you can imagine my excitement when I saw this set down in front of me!!

There was a light aoli dipping sauce they created for this artichoke as well.

Our breakfast the next morning was a real treat. Renee made crepes with marzipan cheese. So good.

It was dessert for breakfast!

On a rainy day, we visited a beautiful cathedral and then ran over to a neighborhood cafe to have something warm.

I opted for a chocolat. Very warm and comforting, one of a few chocolats to come.

Lunch consisted of a little cheese and bread of course first....

Then again a buffet set with inspired dishes. A delicious quiche, salad, roasted cauliflower, and meatballs.

Dinner that evening was one of my favorites!

Appetizer salad with toasted cheese bread.

The main dish was two different kinds of sausages that were out of this world along with lentils I believe, and roasted zucchini and tomato. I am begging Lizzie to put together a Chateau Dumas cookbook!! PLEASE PLEASE!

One of my favorite desserts was this fresh apple pie. Such a light and flaky crust.

Breakfast on Friday was wonderful for fueling us to shop on the last day in Montabaun and the vintage hat factory which I can't wait to share with you.

More salads for us at lunch!

Dinner the last evening started with split pea soup, real creamy goodness, with homemade croutons that were addictive.

The main dish was roasted chicken, asparagus, potatoes and salad.

The dessert was a very special chocolate cake that they set up outside on the balcony with candles. As we ate our cake we shared our favorite part of the week. As you can imagine beyond the friendships and beautiful Chateau we stayed in, the FOOD had to be at the top of all of our lists!! Thanks Lizzie and team for a wonderful week of eating!!


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