Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our Day in Cordes-sur-Ceil

We traveled up to Cordes-sur-Ciel for a day of hiking up the cobbled-stone streets, a visit to a block-printing artist, some brochante shopping, and lunch a top the hill.

Cordes received it's charter to become a Bastide (a medieval town) in 1222. The history there was beyond anything I'd seen before. 1222, wow.

We got some good exercise walking these streets. Which was great given you've all read the food entries!! (the walking and luggage carrying netted me about even on pounds for the week, maybe a gain of 1 lb! Thank goodness!)

Back to Cordes....The streets and alleys were full of beautiful old buildings.

I fell in love with all the great colors on the shutters.

I did meet a very cute Frenchman..... He was a little shy. He said he'd write :) But then I think I saw his nose grow.

We spent some time in this artist's shop, she does beautiful hand stamping.

We each got to try a little bit of the technique. Rhoina mixed her special magic powers with the paint (I think it was unicorn dust that made it magic :) And added it to the stamp for us. We each stamped a piece of muslin, then ironed it to set the paint. I am trying to think of some fun project to use the piece for. Perhaps a pillow or a bag. It has been added to my endless list of projects.

This piece is one from Rhonia's WORLDWIDE exhibition that is coming...but that is all I can say about that now......

We had a lovely lunch with a gorgeous view that I shared with you before, then onto a little shopping. I stopped by the Chocolat museum to purchase some wonderful carmels for my Dad.

We also stopped at a cute little shop full of salts, spices, essential oils, etc. I purchased a few essential oils to smell when I need some uplifting citrus scents. Pamplemousse and Orange :)

One of the things I noticed within all the little Bastides or towns we visited were the little doors on each of the homes. They varied in style, color and size. What I also loved were the small numbers they had for addresses. I am used to seeing an address such as 4092, or 7891, 0r even 10245, but not 1 or 2, or even 16! I want my next address to be 2!

We had such a wonderful day in Cordes. On the way home we did stop at a nice brochante. I purchased some vintage napkins with an 'R' stiched in red on each one. Also a vintage nightgown with RJ stiched on it (for Rachel Jane), and Ann and I split some cool old pins from a bowling type game. I'll share photos of all my goodies one day soon!

For now, have a great rest of your weekend!


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