Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Cherry on Top in France!

After our shopping day Friday morning, we took one last stop. Little did we know what we were going to see behind this door. ..............

We were told we were going to an old, closed down hat factory that had some left over ribbons, etc. Ok, there could be some finds in there.....Then we walked in. Michelle had been here last year, and was as giddy as a we walked in and everyone fanned out across the two floors, the oooohs and aaaahs started, the hearts started racing, the empty boxes were grabbed and began to dawn on us that THIS WAS THE MOMENT!!! This was the moment we really were going to remember as the CHERRY ON TOP!!

We all grabbed empty boxes and started piling ribbons in. There were old hat labels, I grabbed a few rolls of those, grograin ribbon, satin, velvet, and seam binding.....all vintage French Ribbon......

I would have taken more pictures, but that would've meant less time I had to pile more ribbon in my box.....AND I should note that at no point while I was stacking the ribbons up, did I know how MUCH this was going to cost! None of us did....pile on, ask later.....

Aren't those drawers adorable?? I wanted to take that set of drawers right back with me, but didn't think American Airlines would check them....

We each piled our treasure on the ground and waited our turn for Gee, the owner, to go through and price it for us. His nephew was there writing the totals down for him. I think Gee got a kick out of the fact that all these crazy American women descended upon his old factory, which was apparent he still loved, and screamed, hysterically laughed all the way while picking treasures to take back to the US.

As I waited I had NO idea what the total was going to come to. I was bracing myself to either pay a small fortune or return some items to the factory.

I was SOOOOO pleased when he started adding items, and I would hear him say "gift" in French, which brochante owners would do on occasion too when you bought a LOT. Lizzie was telling me the count as he added it up, and she then said, Now he is coming down in price....and then he finally told me the total. I was amazed, not cheap, but NOT TOO much!!

This was my haul!!!

The blood was still coursing through my veins at an amazingly fast rate as we walked away all giddy from our scores. I stood next to the car waiting for it to be unlocked, and just said, "I am so happy right now!" And I really meant it!

Makes me smile just thinking about it!!

Soon you will have an opportunity to share in this amazing haul!!! More to come on this and my other AMAZING find....... (I know I used AMAZING far too much in the post....however, I don't take any of them back....because this day was AMAZING!)

Have an AMAZING night!


  1. I want to go on one of these trips with you! Amazing! Just started totally reading your blog and am sucked in and inspired. I read a while back about Brave Girls (?) Which looked so very cool. Where do you find out about these things and find other women into such cool stuff?

    Hope you're doing well... chicago sends summer love your way...

  2. Kristin - I happen upon all the trips just from blogs I read, other friends' recommendations, etc. I meet most all the women at these events, many I go to myself and meet new friends!

  3. You are amazing and what an amazing score!! How exciting and fun!!!! See you soon!!!

  4. The Bestest description of this moment, yet!!

    Excellent Rachel.