Monday, August 16, 2010

Tea Party Anyone?

Lizzie's Mother came to visit us on Wednesday. Mama Jo, as we all called her was such a special woman. She brought down all her cherished tea sets to share this wonderful afternoon Tea with us.

Mama Jo also made all the food which was all so tasty, especially her walnut cake. YUM-O!

We had little cucumber sandwiches,

little cupcakes, and more.

Drinking tea of out of a cute teacup just makes the tea taste so much better, this is totally true.

After we all enjoyed the tea and treats, we had one of Kaari's friends share with us some information about vintage fabrics, and she shared some of her recent finds with us. I love textiles! What a fun job she has created for herself!

What a wonderful Wednesday we had!! Still so much more to come! We haven't even gone to Paris yet!



  1. Hi, Rachel:

    I love your posts about your time in France. Sounds wonderful. I look forward to meeting you at SB. I am in your cupcake swap.


  2. i love it! I didnt know you had a blog. I will follow for sure! i want to have a tea party!