Monday, August 2, 2010

How do you say Meow in French?

Just a quick little post for you animal lovers out there. I saw the friendliest and cutest animals while in France, and thought I'd share their sweet faces with you!

At the Farmer's Market our first full day in the South of France there was a little girl with a basket full of goodness. I think this white kitty looks so French to me! You can see the black kitty next to her, but there is also another black one underneath her if you look close!

I saw this sad little sign in St Antonine too!! Chat perdu - Lost kitty. Boy I hope they found their little guy.

I almost thought perhaps this guy in the first Brochante that we went to was perhaps the lost kitty, I double-checked the pictures, but alas they had different coloring. The antique shopping kitty could not be bothered to pose for a pic, apparently too busy trying to find the best deals!

I caught a glimpse of this sad looking mug under a gate in an alley we walked by. We said hello and hoped his day would get more exciting!

This cutie kitty was at one of my favorite brochantes, and he was entertaining all us ladies as we waited for everyone to purchase their treasures! I wanted to include him in my purchase, but didn't think he'd make it through customs!

During our day at Cordes we saw this peaceful little creature just owning this ledge. What a life!

And finally here is Lizzie with one of her two cats that have the run of the Chateau and it's grounds. Lucky guys! He is wearing an antique (woaded - more on that later) collar that Kaari had. We took our group photo this day. A funny sidenote was when Kitty decided to run off in the antique collar and as he was being chased by a few people tried to wiggle out of the collar...well not completely funny, since it damaged the collar a little, but still pretty entertaining! Just a pet being a pet!

More on France to come!!



  1. I just realized I wasn't a follower and fixed that! Yes I love kitties and miss my fat boy Justin (orange tabby) at home! Looks like a lot of sweet faces:)

  2. What adorable little creatures. Thanks for sharing with us. And enjoy the rest of your stay in beautiful France.