Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sunday in Paris

The market in Paris was SO much fun. Booth after booth filled with wonderful goodies. The VERY first booth I found a few vintage stamps that I purchased. One is a Z stamp with a Zebra that I am using for my ABC vintage pages swap!

The prices were higher than the brochante shopping we did in the South of France, but we still managed to find some fun things we loved. Jackie found more rosaries, and Jeanne found a beautiful painting. Ann and I fell in love with one booth that had old cards with fabric samples on them.

I only took a picture or two at the market....I guess again I found my eyes and hands too busy looking for that perfect treasure to stop and take photos!

Anyhow I will share my finds with you soon once I take photos of them.

After our trip to the market, we headed back and ate at Cafe Trocadero right near the Eiffel Tower.

It was a nice break and I enjoyed some a Hot Chocolat.


And now onto some major touristing!!

We decided to head over to Sacre Coeur.

Little did I know what was to come. Jeanne was interested in heading to the top to get some glimpses of the amazing views. Ann and Jackie were ok to stay on the ground....I said SURE WHY NOT?!? I am not afraid of heights, so I saw no reason to NOT go. I figured the stairs would be quite a climb, but after the week of Chateau meals I figured it might do me some GOOD!

WELL...I didn't realize the stairway was SOOOO NARROW and twisty. I am a little clausterphobic! I would've take a photo but I was too focused on breathing and moving as quickly as possible to get to a point where I had OPEN space!

The pathway to the top was strange....lots of stairs of course, but some inside and some outside, basically climbing up the roof of the building! The above picture represents how I was feeling, gasping for air :)

Back inside up more stairs..and then I made it! ALIVE!!! (the Eiffel Tower in the distance) If I look a little tired and sweaty....I WAS!

What a beautiful view, it was worth it!

We walked all the way around the top.

The circular pathway gave you 360 degree views of the whole city. Awesome!
The stone work was incredible. Imagine how they got all the stone up so high!! I'm sure back in the day they didn't have a power lifter crane hoisting these babies up to the tippy top!!

I was a little nervous to head back down away from this open space...

The walk down was MUCH better I could see farther in front of me, and I knew about how long we were going to be in there.

Back on the ground again...happy to stay there for a little while :)

And the day isn't even half over!!


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  1. Wow I think I would have been seriously freaking out! However, once you got up there it looks like the view was so worth it! Amazing! Yes it is crazy to think of how they did build those things and get all those stones up there! Looks like such a wonderful trip!