Friday, August 27, 2010

And now onto Paris....

Saturday morning we left our little Chateau to ride from Toulouse to Paris. It was quite an ordeal and sight to see us pulling our luggage down the stairs at the train station, under the tracks and back up to the other side....oh you haven't seen my other purchases you might not understand that my luggage probably weighed over 150 pounds, at least......oh yea.

Anyhow we managed with teamwork to get all the luggage on the train and stowed. I zoned out on the 6 hour trip and was happy to be off the jiggly train and into Paris that evening.

Jeanne, Jackie and I checked into our cute hotel room at the Marriott in the 16th and headed for a bite to eat with our friend Ann. After dinner we took quite a stroll around the area.

We saw the Arc De Triomphe. There are hundreds of people on top of that....if you look really close you can tell there are people there.

we thought about going in for a closer look....however this was the scene to run across the street to the actual monument:

I REALLY didn't want to die the first night in Paris. I really didn't want to be THAT tourist to be splat on the road.

So we enjoyed the view from here:

We walked all the way down the Champs Des Elysees and over to the Eiffel Tower of course. Please forgive the shaky picture, wasn't quite sure of the night shots without a tripod!

A long long day...and we have an early morning at the flea market on Sunday...but we were in PARIS!!!!



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