Saturday, August 29, 2009

State Teez

Hi Everyone,

Years ago while I was living in Chicago I was watching a Nebraska Husker game at a local Bar. A girl was wearing the coolest t-shirt with the state of Nebraska cut of out of awesome fabric appliqued to the front. I asked her where she got it and the next time I was in Lincoln I went and got one for myself!

The t-shirts are handmade by State Teez which is a Lincoln based company run by the very sweet Tiffany Olson.

She has an assortment of fabrics that she will cut the state out of and adhere to some really comfy tees. As you can see below she can also make a variety of other styles as well.

Tiffany had an open house a couple weeks ago and I purchased a long sleeve white t-shirt with wings and the state of Nebraska on the back, on the front it says BELIEVE. It was not appliqued, but painted and very different.

I also ordered a NE state tee that I am anxiously awaiting, I should have in time for the NE game next weekend, which I will watch in Chicago! Since I purchased two tees, she offered me my choice of a free one from her last year collection. This is the one I chose, it is a Peace sign with the word PLEASE underneath it:

If you are a College Footbal fan and you are looking for a unique and different t-shirt than all the ones you've seen before, check Tiffany's tees out!!



  1. Hi there! Just discovered your blog today and I knew I had to say hello since I'm a Rachel, too :)

  2. Loving the shirts...we should design our own silverbella shirts with that cool girl. Miss you...Kara