Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blogging for Bliss

Hi Everyone! 

Happy Blogging for Bliss Day!  I hope everyone enjoys their stop by my blog.  I just want to share a few thoughts on why I began a blog, why I continue to update my blog, and what I've accomplished through blogging and one more thing...what I want to accomplish in the future!!

I was introduced to blogging when I attending the Silver Bella event in Omaha last fall.  I met some wonderful girls; Ali, Kara, and Sheila. (Pictured above Kara, me, Sheila and Ali!) Each had their own blog, and wow! how can you not be inspired by women like this??  Women I am fortunate to now call my friends.  So I didn't jump into the blog world right away....no no no, I waited, and waited until I had FREE TIME!! Yea Right, like that ever happens!  I just decided to do it finally this summer after I took my house off the market.  I decided to pull out all my crafting supplies and put together a studio room, and what better way to document it than a blog, and thus Rach-ology was created.

I continue to blog, because it motivates me, inspires me, reminds me to take a little bit of time to be creative and use my hands to create something of beauty to me each and everyday if possible :)

I've been able to accomplish a number of finished projects, check out my archives to see them!  One thing I didn't necessarily realize starting this blog is that the blog world is a large but small tight knit group!  We all are drawn into other bloggers' blogs that share similar interests.  Being able to bond, if only over blogging is such a gift.  Where else can you go and find so many amazing people that have the same interests??  And that are all so supportive of not only your crafts, projects, and etsy purchases, but all else in your life that you choose to share!  It often reaffirms my faith in people, it shows they really do care for the happiness of others, even those they've never met.   

And finally what do I want to accomplish in the future??  The million dollar question!  I want to continue to work on projects, gathering inspiration from all those bloggers out there, and hone in on my style and what projects interest me the most.  Right now I am trying a little bit of everything, from felt flowers, to paper crafts, to art journals, to soldering, stichery, etc.  I love having the variety, but want to develop something that is just me, just Rach-ology!  Until then....my random off the wall projects and blogging will continue!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Please leave a comment on what inspires you the most to blog!

Happy Blogging!!



  1. I love to blog because of all the amazing women that I have met through it and formed friendships. So glad you decided to join us bloggers! Can't wait to see you in November!!!

  2. Rachel, I love seeing your posts come up on my blog reader. I love how you try different projects trying to find your style.

    I love to blog just to share a little of myself with people.

  3. Its fun being introduced to new blogs through parties like this! Thanks for sharing your adventures in blogging.

  4. Inspiration everywhere, Now I just need at least 12 more hours in each day!

  5. I love this post. What wonderful sentiment about blogging. Thanks so much for playing along. I'll see you in Omaha in Nov.!!!
    Cheers to blogging!