Saturday, August 29, 2009

Slowly but surely preparing for Silver Bella

Hi Again,

I really need to get a MOVE on and actually complete something for my Recipe Pages Swap for Silver Bella! Starting Monday I am traveling like a mad woman for work, and won't have a lot of time to work on these. So I started really focusing on what will be on each page. I need to make 2 pages for each of the 8 participants. That is front and back for 2 different pages that will be 6x9. The colors the Swap Hostess choose are Chocolate, Creams, Golds, and touches of dark burgundy and dark greens.

I think I am pretty close to having everything I need, although I do need some paint or something to cover the chipboard that I am determined to cut tomorrow!

I thought I'd share my make-shift studio area in my room at my parents'. Since staying here in Nebraska with them while my Dad was going through his Bypass surgery, I have amassed some additional crafting supplies beyond what I came here with. Since I was tired of stepping over everything here in my room, I purchased this nifty organizer shelving from Target, along with the turquoise and red baskets. It is not quite organized completely, but it gets everything off the floor!!

My mom and I brought up a big table too so I have a work space for my actual WORK, and for crafting too.

Since I am putting my house in Denver on the market in the next week or two, I hope I don't have to move any of this stuff back there, but just to Omaha once I buy a new house there. Wish me luck!! I hope the market holds out long enough for me to sell my house at the lowest loss possible!!

Go economy GO!



  1. Wishing you all the luck selling your house so you can move closer to you parents!

  2. I wish you luck in the selling of your house. I know how hard that is.