Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pretty Packaging!

Happy Hump day,

The week seems like it has lasted forever, but also chugging along.  Today we spent the day again at the hospital with my Dad.  His improvement is always great to see when we walk into the room in the morning and he is looking better and better.  We hope he is ready to come home on Friday.  He will be wearing his LifeVest probably at least another month, to protect him if he'd have another cardiac arrest, which is very unlikely, but SAFETY FIRST!!  His heart needs to recover, heal and get stronger.  I know it will in time.

More packages arrived today due to my etsy binge last weekend.  I haven't had a chance to take pics of the wonderful feedsack fabrics I purchased, but do have a pic from the Monday arrivals to share.

I ordered this cute little pocket mirror that says "Keep Calm and Carry On."  It is very appropriate for our lives right now.  The mirror is cute, but what adds to the charm is the adorable packaging from Oh, Hello friend.  Her etsy shop is  HERE.

Happy Crafting!


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