Tuesday, August 4, 2009

White, Chocolate, or Angel Food?

Hi Everyone,

Tonight I thought I'd share another one of my etsy finds!!  This magnificent vintage Cake Carrier!!  Isn't is super cool??  I can't wait to make a cake and carry it around the kitchen in it ;)

My Dad's 58th birthday is next week and he should be resting at home from the hospital by then so we'll use it then to help celebrate his birthday and recovery!!

I found this carrier at a very cool shop jenfurmishel at etsy.  Sorry I don't have the link, Etsy is down right now, and I HAVE to get some sleep!

What was so nice about the packaging that Jen put together was she had a fun purple material under the clear tape on the outside of the package on four sides.  So not only was it a colorful package, once opened I have some fun pieces of fabric to play with!!  Also she included a nice handwritten thank you for purchasing from her store! 

 Aren't handwritten notes the best??  Even better getting one for SHOPPING!!  I have received notes a few times from Nordstroms too, they are such a stellar store for great customer service!

Hope everyone had a good day.  My Dad is improving,  very happy to be on the otherside of this surgery and working towards coming home hopefully this weekend.



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  1. What a great find! So glad to hear that your father is doing better!!