Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

We celebrated my Dad's birthday, which was yesterday, Tuesday evening with a Coca-Cola Cake I made by request. Little did we know it'd be like eating a stick 'o' butter. We fed a lot of it to my Dad's two friends last night that came to mow the acreage for my parents. A little goes a long way I should say!

My brother Travis and niece Allie came out to enjoy a piece of cake with us. Allie enjoyed eating the candy letters and helping light the candles. The candles were something new I hadn't seen before, the flames were the color of the candle. The blue flames were cool.

It was great to have my Dad home from the hospital in time for his birthday! What a thing to celebrate now that he is on his way to a great recovery!



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  1. Looks like you dad had a great birthday! So glad he is home and on the road to recovery!