Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quilts are Cat Magnets

Have you ever noticed that Quilts are Cat Magnets? You just lay one down and in two seconds your cat is ON it! My mom has to keep my boys away while she quilts her customer quilts, or they'd be on them all the time. The perils of having us stay for awhile!

I bought this lovely bow tie feedsack quilt off of ebay a couple weeks ago. It looks so much like one that I made while I was in high school that I love, so I had to get it. It is in fabulous condition, and the colors and fabrics are amazing. The bow ties are set a little differently than the one I made, and there is a polka dot border on this one that I adore.

Harley decided to lay all over it this morning while I was working on my bed...unmade, oops...he was loving the quilted comfort!

In other cat-related news, MaGraw has found a new favorite spot on the ironing if I could just get him to work on my skirts and shirts.....

Happy Weekend,

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