Saturday, August 22, 2009

What's Been Keeping Me??

I didn't have a successful blogging week. HOWEVER I do have a good excuse. Check out this little guy! One of my parent's mama cats had kittens, well a couple of them did. But these kitties are small enough we can try and catch them to tame them down a bit so we can find them homes perhaps.

We took food down to the barn where the kittens are hiding, they are actually under it. If you look close you can see his eyes and white fur......

This little guy was the bravest of the bunch, and was coaxed out with a wire string, then went nuts over the pan of CatChow we provided.

I didn't have a camera the first night which was a bummer. We named this guy TAZ, when he sat in the pan of food eating his siblings tried to eat too and the growling noises and frantic moves he made to "claim" all the food were hilarious and it reminded me of the Tazmanian Devil.

I was able to hold Taz about each night this week after luring him out with a string or food. He has a muddy nose, and a voracious appetite! He actually likes being petted, and even rolled over for a tummy rub after he understood what a nice deal that is!

How can anyone not fall in love with a kitten??

Hug your pets or GO ADOPT A HOMELESS ONE!!

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    i want one now, hehe.

    xo. danni