Tuesday, August 4, 2009

etsy Purchases and LONG DAY!

Hi Everyone,

First and foremost, THANK YOU for all your thoughts and prayers.  Today was a very long day full of anxiety for everyone, but we all made it through.  My Dad had a 6-bypass surgery, and did great through the surgery, and was resting as comfortably as possible after a surgery of that magnitude when we came home to sleep tonight, which I should be doing NOW!  However, I need a little unwinding time, so thought I would update my blog.

A nice treat when I got home were some packages!!  I purchased the most adorable Toothman from Kimberly at her shop ChezSucreChez HERE.  I also picked up a cute zippy pouch, and another one on the way.  I'll share those together when I get the other one!!  The Toothman will be a birthday gift to my niece Allie who turns 8 on Thursday!  She hasn't lost a tooth yet!!

I also received a couple other things in the mail too but I will wait to share later this week.  I have to update with my blogging for bliss entry....

Have a wonderful week,


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