Monday, December 21, 2015

On the 9th Day of Christmas Rae Missigman Inspired Me!

Merry Day 9 of Christmas!

On this 9th Day of Christmas Rae Missigman inspired me!  I had the pleasure of having Rae teach at our Fall 2015 Handmade U.  She along with her Art to the 5th teammate Lorraine Bell taught an amazing day and half of classes.  If you don't already follow Rae, get over and see what she is up to on her Blog, Instagram and Facebook pages.  I love seeing what lots of people are creating, but with Rae, I not only love her art, but I love her consistency.  I know I can always depend on seeing a sneak art peek from her gorgeous studio.  I do believe she is one of the hardest working artists I know.

The whole Art to the 5th team have really gone above and beyond for the Documented Life community.  Two years of free prompts and sharing of ideas and their inspiration, and the third upcoming year not only at a low price, but they put together cultivated kits for us to purchase and get us started.  That was SO much work, and they are so humble about what they provide.  Thanks ladies!  Who else is joining in on the fun next year?!  I have my kit and am ready to get started!!!

Isn't this Art Community wonderful in the way every person can find inspiration from someone?  I admire and appreciate all kinds of art, but I am drawn in, really inspired to pick up and try my hand at what a handful of artists are doing.  Rae is one of those artists.  I am crazy over the colors she chooses and her unique mark-making.  Have ever thought someone's art was so yummy you wanted to eat it?? Umm, me neither ;)

I could go on about how I binge-watch Rae's 15 minute Art videos on You-tube, and can't wait to take her class to make a portable art kit....but I am also so inspired by her kindness, positivity, generosity, and care of others.  During Handmade U, Rae and Lorraine made sure EVERYONE was getting their projects done, and if anyone struggled they sat next to her and helped her get unstuck.  If you've ever been to an Art Retreat or in a class, you know what a blessing it is to have one-on-one time with the instructors and to have a COMPLETED project!  I do believe everyone at Handmade U last semester had that with Rae and Lorraine.

Rae thanks for being an Inspiration to me, and to many!  You represent the Art Community so well with your talent, kindness, how to balance family and your passion, and so much more.  I hope you take time for yourself and your family this Christmas!  Can't wait to see what you do in 2016!  Love you!


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  1. I had to come back and try this again as I couldn't get my comment to post last time! Rachel, YOU are an inspiration to everyone around you - me included. Truly. You are humble and kind and VERY creative as well - so thank you for having me as one of your 12 days of Christmas Inspiration - what a treat it has been to follow all these amazing artists ! I look forward to the day that I get to come back out to the Big Red Barn and make art with you and another lovely gathering of women again! Having readers, fellow creative artists such as yourself take notice of the hard work that goes into sharing full time - makes every single day worth it! Love and hugs to one of the sweetest girls I have the pleasure of calling my friend! xo