Monday, October 10, 2011

Handmade U Wrap Up - Cream Can Dinner

This wasn't that long ago but seems worlds away!

The weather created the perfect prelude to Fall at Handmade U. It was a little chilly, which made the flannel PJ pants nice and cozy, a little misty, which gave us an even more remote country feel at our lodge and on the road to the Velder Log Cabin.

I really wanted to share with the students a real Nebraska "cream can dinner".

They may do this in other states, but we're in Nebraska, so it's a NE thang. My Dad has been doing these dinners for years and I always look forward to doing one.

Not only do I look forward to the food, the "event" that is it, but since it is so much food, it means that you are surrounded by friends or family to enjoy such a fun meal.

It is hard to describe to someone who hasn't witnessed it. Usually people picture creamed corn, creamed food....there is corn but nothing is creamed. We use an old can that people would keep cream in. The can is lined inside with corn on the cob, cabbage is added, carrots, sausages of any sort, and potatoes.

You could add anything else if you'd like too like onions, etc. Then the can is filled with Beer for steaming, and the top closes the can. DO NOT FORGET TO PUNCH HOLES IN THE TOP.....

One day you should hear my Dad's story about the sausages in the trees and cabbage all over the golf course when they did a Cream Can and holes were not added!!!

Anyhow, Minglewood Lodge doesn't not allow fires or cooking outside, so we ventured to the Velder Log Cabin to see the Cream Can in action.

Thanks to my parents for hosting this bunch of crafty women, everyone loved it.

We did get a quick peek at my mom's longarm quilting machine, and I think I could've left a few women there to learn more and they'd have been happy, but NO - there was more crafting to finish at Handmade U at Minglewood Lodge. So we left happy and full of a great dinner.

Oh and of course what kind of ART EVENT HOSTESS would I be if I didn't serve cupcakes!! Personalized nonetheless! The Cakery was the creator of these delicious cupcakes. They will be making our wedding cake in just over a month!! YIKES....

Shelley and Lisa came up from different cities in Oklahoma to be at Handmade U.

Here I am with Hope and Stephanie from Indiana.

The gals from Kansas, Lindy and Nora!

Michelle representin' Texas. We did miss Paige who had to leave the country unexpectedly!

Pam, our East Coast attendee! Virginia!

Yay for an Omaha girl - Mollie!

Not pictured Dee Ann from Kansas too!

Of course with this Handmade U team I wouldn't have been able to do it! My fiance Jim, my parents Gerry and Sara, and of course our fabulous Journal Instructor - Michelle Geller. Thanks again!!