Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brave Girls The FOOD!

Hi Again,

With the risk of making myself oh so hungry, I will share with you a little about the AMAZING food that was prepared for us during our stay in Idaho.

I had started getting a little concerned the week before I left for Brave Girl Camp. The girls who had been to the camp previously said their "biggest concern" about coming was gaining 10 lbs from all the food that would be served to us. Luckily I worked out each day before going to Idaho, went on a couple walks, and ate reasonable portions!

But even if I had gained 10lbs, (it was only 2-3lbs) it would have been SOOOO worth it!

I asked Kathy, the QUEEN of the Kitchen, to put out a Brave Girl Recipe book (this is just another reminder Kathy, please pretty please??). I think she is one of those talented people that just create in the kitchen, not one to follow specifically to a recipe, but just feel the food and puts something wonderful together.

I mean look at these cupcakes! Seriously?? I had the vanilla one with the little icing birdie. YUM.

We had a wonderful breakfast each morning. Tasty lunch, mid-day snack and then a dinner with dessert!

The little brie cups were tasty! Also there was asparagus wrapped in roast beef.

Aren't these cute plates too by the way? We each had our names on our water glasses which was nice so we wouldn't lose them!

I didn't have my camera at every meal, but check out the few I did get shots of....

This salad was SOOOO GOOD! The dressing was homemade, a tasty creamy balsamic, with walnuts and I think feta.
For dinner one evening we had a grilled chicken kebab and vegetables with rice.

The last evening was Tri-tip steak. I don't typically eat red meat, but I made an exception and tried this, glad I did! The warm spinach salad was tasty and we had mac & cheese on the side. MAC & CHEESE! They made a side of beans as well. YUMmmm.
The attention to detail was so awesome. Check out these home-made marshmallows that the girls made....and cut into bird shapes!!

Thanks to the kitchen CREW! Your efforts did not go unnoticed. Kathy - just let me know when & where I can purchase your first cookbook ;)

Now I'm hungry.

Bon Appetit!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brave Girls February 2010

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Hi Everyone,

There is so much to share about the wonderful week in Idaho that I spent with Melody, Kathy, their whole family and the other Brave Girls who I met a shared such a fun week with!

The journals were such a great part of our time there. This the first page to my "She did it anyway" Journal.

More to come from the week!!


Brave Girls The LOCATION

Hi Everyone,

I am still missing being with my friends in Idaho. I didn't quite go through the "funk" because I was so busy at work trying to catch up, however there was a strong longing to hang out and create some art with my girls.

I decided that I will post a few entries on this amazing event. I think there were a number of factors that made this such a fun week. #1 - the people!!! The woman, and the few men/boys that were there with us too. #2 - the location and #3 - the stories which we put into our collages....oh and I'd be remiss if I didn't say #4 - THE FOOD!!!

Let's start with the Location.

I had never been to Idaho before. I imagined it was beautiful country with friendly people. I was completely right.

I landed in Boise and Melody and Kathy's sweet niece Stephanie (who I'll share with you later has AMAZING talent). Stephanie gave me a nice tour of the cute historic area in Boise. I bet it is a nice place to live and have a family.

I was dropped off at the hotel where we were all meeting, and had a great lunch next door while I waited for someone else to get there. The first person to come over was Jeanne. I was so excited when she asked if I wanted to go get a manicure while we waited, YES! I also said maybe we could get a cupcake too, and she was all for it!! I knew right then we'd get a long JUST FINE! I let Lisa know that we'd be getting manicure, and she met us as soon as she got there. The cupcakes were AMAZING too. Man I love a good cupcake!!

Once everyone got to the hotel Marq, Melody's husband, came down to help us all get loaded onto the shuttle, and hand out our first goody bag!

Who doesn't love a goody bag with some snacks, and a lovely note from our hostesses??
Lisa and I are all ready to get to the lodge!! Let's go!

The ride was about an hour and we were greeted along the road to the lodge by Melody and a couple of the other girls. Melody had us get off the bus and gave us a little envelope of bird seeds. It was labeled "Worries are for the birds". She asked that we think for that moment about all the worries and things back home that would still be there when we got back. She told us to let the seed fly and with it let go of the worries..... to leave the worries right there, off the side of the road, and not to bring them with us. This time was just for us, not for anyone or anything else.....

We all let those worries fly away.....

Here is the home we were able to stay in!! I don't say "home" lightly. Melody, Kathy and all the girls that helped, really made this a wonderful, safe home for us.

We had sent along photos of ourselves, friends, families, and pets. All of the photos were printed out and hung all over the house. We were surrounded by everyone that was most important to us. It was "All Good".

Downstairs we had an oasis for crafting. I loved the color scheme - the lanterns hanging with white lights was so much fun!

Our sleeping rooms were on either side of this large crafting area, which made it easy for us to stay up...WAY TOO LATE!!
But I wouldn't have done it any other way. SLEEP WHEN YOU DIE!!

Upstairs we had a wonderful porch to keep all our dirty hiking boots/shoes.

The huge dining table held us all to share our WONDERFUL meals.

And awesome SNACKS too!!

There were also FIVE huge leather coaches that made a comfy spot for us all to share our stories, and listen to some great music!

What a wonderful place to hang out with great new friends, eat wonderful - lovingly made food, get back in touch with ourselves and create some very special journals to take home with us.

More to follow...

Be Brave,

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spark No. 2!

Hi All -

I just saw on the Spark Event Blog the announcement that there will be another SPARK!! Good News. Also if you go to their blog for updates you'll see Liz, Margie and Rhonna on a video clip from the news talking about the event....and if you watch very closely you will see ME!!! in the video. I am leaning over asking Margie a question about something! Who knew I was on the news in Utah! FUN.

Also they had a wonderful videographer put together a really cool video on the event. Take a look at that too!

Spark No. 2!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

4 DAY count-down to BRAVE GIRL CAMP!!!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Rach-ology Designs more fun!

Happy February!

Is anyone else disappointed in that darn Groundhog?? I am over the winter, the cold, the snow, all of it!! However, I will enjoy some fun winter weather when I head to Idaho in just over a week for BraveGirl Camp!! I can't tell you how excited I am. I may even start packing tomorrow :)

More on that to come of course!

I wanted to share with you some more of my Rach-ology Designs.

These are my "Third Date Earrings :)"

I think these would be fun to wear in some warm tropical locale, so I call them my "Cabo" Earrings-

I wore these for Christmas, so I call them my "Good golly jolly" earrings -

Here are my "Top Banana" Earrings:

Here are my "Easy does it" Earrings:

Hope you enjoy your weekend!!