Sunday, January 31, 2010

ReLaunch of Rach-ology, Come Check it out!!

Welcome Everyone!!!

My new blog design has arrived, and I couldn't be more excited and pleased!! Hope Wallace Karney at Paper Relics did an AMAZING job didn't she??

I love how she nailed it after I provided her with my likes, dislikes, preferences, etc..... She used my favorite feedsacks, my love of typewriter print, polka dots and just created this wonderful blog!

Well now I feel like I better blog more often and with greater purpose given such a pretty blog shouldn't I??

Please go tell Hope you love my new blog and check out her blog which is very inspiring!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Test 2 from iPhone

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Squish Cookies

Hi Ya'll

Ok so we are way beyond Christmas, but I didn't share with you the cookies that I love best!

We call them Squish cookies, but they are officially Cream Wafers out of the Betty Crocker Cookie Book. Each year my Grandmother would make them and the family would literally FIGHT over them...maybe Fight is a strong word....but we'd certainly - struggle, hide, trick out of, etc. all in the name of this tasty little cookie.

This year my mom and dad made them. The wafers here are a little thicker than they should be, but wonderful just the same :)

For those of you who joined the The Sweetest Thing Swap at Silver Bella, one of my submissions was for this favorite!

Why is it that only during Christmas we make so many cookies?? Why not start a tradition of Flag Day Cookies?? or National Arbor Day Cookies?? Seriously, I am thinking of starting a petition - Who's with me?!?

Bake your heart out!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Valentine Swap Tags

Hi Again,

I have been in California and Denver the past two weeks. I came back to a cold, dreary, and wet Nebraska yesterday. Busy with work the next two days, and then a few days off in Park City, UT and a visit to Sundance Film Festival. I'm looking forward to seeing my friend Annette and her family again.

My house ALMOST sold this weekend, but another house edged mine out.....keeping my fingers crossed they can't get the deal done with the other house and come back to that a little evil?? Probably, but darn it I want to sell my house!!!

Now onto something Fun and Exciting.....the swap....I can NOT wait to receive the finished package of tags from everyone. I thought I'd share with you the tags I created for the Kandeland Valentine's Swap! (sorry for the BAD BAD lighting!!)

I am usually not a real girly PINK fiend, but I do love a good cupcake, so I was drawn to the PINK!!

Frosting topped dreams,


Goodbye MaGraw

Hi All-

It has been a crazy last two weeks. My sweet little MaGraw passed away naturally at home two weeks ago. I spent the weekend by his side, and said goodbye on a Monday morning. It was incredibly hard saying goodbye and knowing he is gone, but I'm relieved for him that he is at peace. He was such a special kitty, and a strong determined fighter. At only almost 6 years old, it doesn't quite seem like he got his time here on earth, but I am so lucky to have had the time I did with him. One day I'll see him again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Now his brother Harley and I are left here together to carry on.

Hug your pets and hold them tight.
- Rach

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hi Everyone,

I was hoping to post my pics of the Valentine Swap, however my days since New Year's have been anything but Happy. My beloved little black kitty MaGraw has had a sharp decline in health. He has been fighting Kidney Failure his whole life, but diagnosed a year and half ago. I think my sweet kitty is nearing his end. I am leaving for California tomorrow, and I'm just not sure how he will be then. My parents will watch and take care to be sure he isn't suffering while I am gone.

In the meantime, all else is on hold!

Soon, I'll share my valentines, more Rach-ology Designed jewelry and the news of my BLOG redesign!!

Hope your New Year's has begun on a lighter foot!

Please say a prayer for MaGraw,