Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Squish Cookies

Hi Ya'll

Ok so we are way beyond Christmas, but I didn't share with you the cookies that I love best!

We call them Squish cookies, but they are officially Cream Wafers out of the Betty Crocker Cookie Book. Each year my Grandmother would make them and the family would literally FIGHT over them...maybe Fight is a strong word....but we'd certainly - struggle, hide, trick out of, etc. all in the name of this tasty little cookie.

This year my mom and dad made them. The wafers here are a little thicker than they should be, but wonderful just the same :)

For those of you who joined the The Sweetest Thing Swap at Silver Bella, one of my submissions was for this favorite!

Why is it that only during Christmas we make so many cookies?? Why not start a tradition of Flag Day Cookies?? or National Arbor Day Cookies?? Seriously, I am thinking of starting a petition - Who's with me?!?

Bake your heart out!



  1. I agree we ought to bake cookies more than Christmas... but I think we don't because at the holidays most people, including myself, allow themselves to over indulge.

    Those cookies look wonderful!

  2. Your squish cookies made me hungry along with your cupcake tag. I just finished posting about our tag swap with pictures and links and I hope you stop by and say hi!!!

  3. The cookies look very tempting! Thanks for my cute cupcake Valentine tag...I love it!!