Friday, September 25, 2009

I signed up!! ME Home Companion Workshops

I am so excited, I decided to bite the bullet and sign up on my own for the Mary Engelbreit workshops which will be held next April in St Louis!! I know one of my swap sisters, Peggy, will be there, so I'm sure I'll meet some Bella's that will head down there too before now and then!

So looking forward to it!! I will share the classes and instructors with you soon.

Let me know if you plan on attending!!


My Boys!


This week seemed like two weeks all rolled into one! I am happy it is the weekend, and happy to have some time to post a few things!! Today I caught some good sunshine from the windows and some good subjects basking in said sunshine, so I quickly pulled out the Nikon!!

MaGraw has been more social lately, back to himself. He has CRF, and for the last couple weeks has been less than his normal socialite-ness.

Now he has perked up and has spent more time on my lap and poking around into what I am working on, which makes me happy.

Harley is still his old self, burrowing under the covers and lounging like an expert. Do you see his little paw here?

That is all I saw of him most of the afternoon until I pulled back the covers on my, oops, unmade bed!

Check out the "new" vintage quilt I purchased online!
I have had a little bit of an overwhelming desire for old quilt tops and quilts lately and have a number piled here that I've purchased. My parent's mail lady is beginning to question how long I will be staying here and if the packages will continue to arrive.....oh well, isn't the Post Office suffering in the recession?

Others I have purchased need a little bit of work or need to be quilted. Luckily for me, my mom is a pro!!

Happy Weekend!!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Travel Mania

Hi -

Last week was a whirlwind of work travel. I started in Nebraska, still here with my folks, then flew to Chicago to transfer to my flight to Austin. The people in Austin that I visited were among the nicest I have met at one of my clients, so friendly and happy to see me. Then I flew to Phoenix to transfer to my San Diego flight. Then an early early early flight Friday to Phoenix, and a late late late flight back to Omaha and a drive back to my padres house.

So the weekend was spent catching up on much needed sleep. I did work on my second Silver Bella Swap. I am making 16 pages, front and back that will hold my holiday recipes. I may share some pictures later in the week depending on how far I get. The pages are 6x9, so more to decorate and embellish.

Tomorrow I am off to Denver for a few days. It will be strange to see my house after a stager rearranged everything! I wonder if it'll still feel like my house?? Apparently there were a number of showings this weekend, fingers crossed someone will buy it soon!!

I thought I would share with you a couple of my photos from my Labor Day Chicago weekend. Since I lived in Chicago for 10 years, I felt a little strange being touristy, but we did visit the BEAN at Millenium Park. Since I used to work across the street from the park, I walked by the Bean every morning on the way to work. Typically there would be a handful of people there at most! Since it was Labor Day weekend, and the Jazz Fest was around the corner, the BEAN was mobbed!! It was still fun to see it, and then have a drink at the Cafe down below to celebrate my friend Katy's birthday!!

Have a wonderful week!


Monday, September 14, 2009

2nd Time Winner!

Hi All-

I am frantically packing for my week or work travel, but I thought I'd share some good news I just received! I won another BLOG giveaway! I will be receiving this from Twig and Thistle's latest giveaway. They picked 25 people to receive Darigold's out of print Fresh Volume one. It is a special publication by Darigold, a locally owned and operated dairy co-op in the Northwest.

I am so excited to see the recipes and beautiful pictures!!

Thanks Twig and Thistle and Darigold!!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Crazy times!


The weekend flew by. Once I got back from Denver, I had a client mtg on Friday in Omaha, and then started feeling lousy :( Saturday I mustered enough energy to attend my cousin's wedding in the small town my Dad grew up in.

Mom, Dad and I.

Dad and I, as I sink into the ground in my heels :)

My Dad and his youngest brother Bill, he is the Father of the Bride. Since we sat in the back I was unable to get a good picture of my cousin Nicki, but she looked great, and had a large wedding party that appeared to be heading for fun as they loaded up in the Big Red Bus!

We skipped the reception as my Dad and I both were worn out, so we stopped by and had dinner with my Mom's mom on the way home.

Today I woke up with a worse sore throat, and had hoped the urgent care doctor would prescribe something since I will be traveling and in 4 states in 5 days this week for work. Unfortunately, I'll have to sweat this one out without good ol drugs. What are your best tips for getting rid of sinus infections?? I may try the Neti-Pot thing tomorrow, but honestly it scares me!!

I did work on getting my recipe card book swap pages done today. I have cut all the pieces out and have them sorted for the pages. I just need to figure out the best way to glue the cardstock on the chipboard. Any suggestions for the right adhesive??

Last update, my house is officially back on the market. I guess my realtor had a stager come in and move things around. I can't wait to see the virtual tour once it is up and running! Wish me luck :)

Here's to a healthy week!!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Quick Update

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I am so lacking posts! I am back in Denver just for a few days for tons of client meetings, and I worked my fingers to the bone today cleaning, packing, staging the house, meeting with realtors, yardwork, and loading up the car for the drive to Nebraska tomorrow. I am taking my parents' car back home, and some of my stuff to get it out of the house since I am putting my house on the market early next week.

I have to drive to Colorado Springs in the morning for a meeting, then heading back to Nebraska. Then Friday I turn around and head to Omaha for a client meeting, then off to Chicago for the weekend!! I am exhausted, and even more exhausted thinking about it all!!

So, that means no time for much blogging or crafting. I'll try and remember to take a picture of the studio before I leave, it is actually kinda clean!

Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for hanging in with me......oh the exciting news is I think Kara from My Studio Pink fame, and I will be signing up for the Mary Englebreit Workshops which will be held in St Louis next April :) Very happy about that.

Have a great weekend everyone!! What are ya'll up to??