Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Packing Up and Moving On Out - Exciting Change

Hi Everyone!!

Hope Summer is going great for you!  Our summer is flying by with lots of exciting things happening....not the least of which is a move in 2 days!!

We began looking at acreages last year to find a space outside of town with a little more room to breathe, a place to have our Airstream onsite, some land for a puppy to run, and if possible a barn to host Handmade U Art Retreats.

We immediately fell in love with a property,  a well-maintained Historic Registered house built in 1895 with an outbuilding for our cars and Airstream, and an AMAZING Red Barn.  We looked at it 3 or 4 times, dreamed about it, worked the numbers over and over, and made an offer.  After our initial offers were declined, we gave up and started looking elsewhere.

We searched and searched the surrounding areas, even Iowa for something even close to our original #1 choice, but to no avail.  We waited out the winter and towards the end of Spring the sellers of the our #1 property came to us and said they were going to lower the price and would we be interested in making another offer.

We visited the house again and knew we would not find anything that would surpass this in our eyes, so we went all in and our offer was accepted!  We quickly got our house ready and put it on the market, and within a day of showing sold it!  We felt elated that after our prior two individual houses were such bears to sell we made up for it with this one.

So we have been knee deep in all the "FUN" stuff of a move like inspections, appraisals, negotiations, packing, calling movers, utilities, etc.  It is all going to have to be done soon as we give up our current house Friday morning, and close on our new home right after!!

This will be our first home we buy together which is really exciting!  We are looking forward to the beautiful land, peace and quiet, a neighboring organic farm and restaurant, hosting Handmade U onsite in the loft of this beautiful barn, and just making all kinds of new memories here.

So if you are wondering where we are in the next week or two, we'll most likely be taking a much deserved break right there on the front porch swing.

Hope to see you this Fall at Handmade U.  Sign-ups will begin soon.  Watch all the moving action on Instagram @rjmcgough

Wish us Luck!