Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Handmade U Sponsor #15 - Sherri Welser!

Today's Sponsor I am happy to announce is Sherri Welser of Indigo Earth.  Check out her blog HERE!

Sherri makes beautiful leather wrap cuffs, beaded bracelets, beautiful artwork, all kinds of wonderful things!!

In her words " “I love to be creative and it is important for me to help provide inspiration to others through my work, You will often find inspirational words or quotes in my artwork with lots of color and texture. I currently am on several Design Teams and love sharing with others. I also have an online art workshop starting on September 12th- Embrace the Art Within Your Heart”

Check out Sherri on her website or blog!

Thanks Sherri!!!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Handmade U Sponsor #14!- AcornRidge Quilting (aka my MOM)

Hi Everyone,

My Mom, Sara Velder, is once again helping support Handmade U this Fall Semester.  She is making a fun door prize to be given away!

Sara is a talented Quilter, she uses her Long Arm Quilting machine to quilt customer quilts everyday. She has the quickest turnaround that you can find and does a FANTASTIC job!  If you like to sew quilt tops, but want someone else to handle the quilting, Acorn Ridge Quilting is where you need to go!  Check out her blog HERE and her website HERE.  She quilts for people around the country, all you need to do is ship her your quilt top!

Last semester we worked on using an old vintage cutter quilt I had to make these pencil cases.  I love mine!!

Many of her customers have won ribbons in the Fairs that are happening around the State now!  Fun to see!

Thanks again MOM!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Handmade U Sponsors #13 - Besotted Brands

Hi Everyone,

Today's sponsor is Besotted Brands!  They sent along a fun door prize that some lucky lady will win!

Check out their blog and shop HERE!

From their website here is how they describe their well said!!  Really intriguing!

"Besotted Brand LLC, the illustrious purveyors of fine design, lay claim to a quaint studio under the violet leaves of a Jacaranda tree in the City of Angels. The studio is pure magic; the leaves sweep themselves into the compost bin, pens don their caps like derbies, and the crumpets don’t ever leave crumbs. Everyone knows that for Proprietress Miss B., slipshod and messy just won’t do. "

Thanks Besotted Brands!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Handmade U Sponsor #12 - Jennifer Babcock

Our sponsor for today is Jennifer Babcock!  You can check out Jennifer at her blog "Covered in Glitter" HERE !  Jennifer her mom and daughter Lexi are always on the go and having fun adventures!  I met them at a Silver Bella long ago and hope to have them come to a Handmade U someday soon!   This time doesn't work but Jennifer wanted to be a part of the weekend so she is our 12th Sponsor!!

Here is one of her fun pics from her Facebook!

Thanks Jennifer for supporting Handmade U!!


Art Classes In Omaha Nebraska - Handmade U...the Inspiration

As Handmade U, our sure to be amazing art retreat (based on the most creative ladies coming) quickly approaches I am reminded of the first Art Retreat I ever attended.

I was living in Colorado at the time, and needed to come back to Omaha, Nebraska for a work meeting.  I was reading a Country Living magazine and saw an article on Silver Bella.  It was going to be the weekend after my meeting and I figured I would enjoy spending a few extra days in Nebraska visiting my family.  I did take some time to decide...the pictures and projects looked amazing, I loved creating things, but hadn't really made the time to work on projects.  

I did not know a soul that was going, or really anyone that was into that kind of CRAFTY stuff.  It was not cheap either so I thought and thought about it....I realized that I couldn't put it out of my mind and if I didn't do it I would be disappointed and regretful for not making the time for something I'd enjoy and really be inspired by.  So I signed up!  I figured the classes would be fun and hopefully I would meet a few people that had the same interests as I did.... And did I EVER!

I was excited and didn't know what to expect!  I showed up and it was wonderful.  I met a few gals from Kansas City that took me under their glittered wings and I had the BEST time.  Thanks to Kara, Sheila and Ali!

One of my first instructors was Charlotte Lyons, she is so very talented!  As you will see in upcoming pics, I seemingly stalked her at each event I went to!  I actually always just loved the projects that she was teaching, and she has a fun laid back style that I love.

After my first event I went crazy...Here is a walk down memory art retreat lane!

I attended Spark 1 in Salt Lake City, UT, again knowing no one!

Silver Bella 2009, Yes that is Charlotte again, we are wearing our felted hats that I learned to make in her class!

The Kansas City girls and I wearing our fun aprons!

I learned of Brave Girl Camp from a few gals and decided again to go without knowing anyone.  The fun thing is I ended up knowing a couple girls from the Spark event.  Best of all I met my sweet friend Lisa who has become a lifelong friend....a crafty partner in crime!

Melody Ross and her sister Kathy Wilkins have turned their Brave Girl Camp into an AMAZING beyond inspiring retreat.  Here are Melody and I at BGC in Idaho.

My friend Kara came up from KC to take an all day class with the cute and fun Claudine Hellmuth in Lincoln, NE.

My friend Jen and I decided to attend a retreat in Savannah, GA!  We had never been and wanted to see the sights and meet some fun ladies!  We met Shelly Overholt, in the middle between us in the pic below.  Yes we were suppose to be in Southern Belle Garb!  Shelley did I better than us!  Shelley will be back for Handmade U 3, her 3rd time!!  So fun!

Mary Engelbreit had a fun art retreat weekend in St Louis, yes that is her in the middle of us below.   My friends Lisa, Kara and I decided to head there together!  What a fun weekend.  Plus we got to see Claudine again!

Another class with Charlotte - YES PLEASE!

Kaari Meng of French General hosts the most incredible week in the South of France!  I've been blessed to be able to go twice.  Once in 2010 and in 2011.  This was my 2010 trip.  Met incredible ladies there as well!

Jo Packham of Where Women Create hosted Creative Connection in Minneapolis.  It was a huge convention of ladies in crafting businesses as well as just those of us wanting to learn new things!  My friend Lisa and I met there.  We were thrilled to run into Melody Ross and Margie Romney Aslett, our Brave Girl Sisters!

The Second Spark in Utah I was ready to head out with Lisa yet again, but she had a family emergency.  I was lucky enough to find out my friend Dana that I had met at Spark 1 was going again. We were able to share a ride and room and had a blast!!

Silver Bella yet again,  I hosted a fun swap and was excited to meet all the ladies that joined in!

Sheila, Kara and I at the vendor night!

This was the year at Silver Bella that I met Michelle Geller!  I didn't know at the time that we were destined to lots of collaboration in the future!!  At the time I joined a journal page swap that turned me onto vintage ephemera and woke me up to needing to UP MY Game in regards to embellishing!! :)

Great to see Jenny Doh, another Brave Girls Sister, and once again Charlotte Lyons at Silver Bella.

Brave Girls Camp 2011 - Lisa and I at it again.  We met another wonderful lady - Michelle!

Lisa and I at BCG with Camille - the leather whisperer!  (amazing artist)

I attended Moulin Rouge in Southern California, May 2011.  I knew of people going but wasn't close enough with anyone at the time to bunk up!  So I asked the lovely hostess Kim Caldwell and she gave me Denise Hahn's name.  Lucky me!!  Denise is as sweet as she is talented!  She picked me up and we shopped the garment district along with Michelle Geller and Valita Baxley!  What a fun day!!

This is where Michelle and I turned ideas into actions and I roped her into being the first instructor at the very first of hopefully many HANDMADE U's!!  (yes the wine may have had something to do with it!!)

Swap of the fun perks at some Art Retreats, exchanging goodies, ephemera, artworks with other crafty artsy ladies!!  I can't wait to see what the Handmade U gals come up with this fall!!

As an added bonus we went to visit Kaari Meng at French General and took a class with the talented Mother Daughter duo of Debbie Murray and Shea Frangosea.

May 2012 was also Birdsong at the talented Karla Nathan's home studio.  Lisa and I met in the middle! (Lisa coming from OK and me from NE)

The talented Carol Spinski was one of our instructors!  Fun tree class!

Then it was time for the First Semester of Handmade U!  Fall 2011  With the help and support of my husband Jim and my parents Gerry and Sara we really had a great weekend!

Michelle and I, HU's first instructors!

Fall 2011 Graduating Class (DeeAnn not pictured)

Mollie, Stephanie, Michelle, Rachel, Sara, Lindy, Lisa, Michelle, Shelley, Hope, Pam and Nora!

Brave Girl 2013...what a great group of girls!  My pal Amber!  Love her, so funny!

The best roomies!  Gina, Johanna and I

Melody and I

Don't even think about touching our Mod Podge!!  Camille, Me, Megan, and Johanna.  The Craft Pack.

Michelle and I kicking off Handmade U Spring 2012

Handmade U Graduating Class Spring 2012
Rachel, Shelley, Jodie, Paige, Michelle, Hope, Pam, Michelle, Leslie, Laurel, Mollie and Stephanie.

Handmade U - Staff.  Sara, Jim, Rachel, Gerry, Michelle and Pam.  THANKS!

Fast forward 4 years and after 13+ art retreats I have now hosted two of my own, moving onto Semester 3 of Handmade U!

I am most giddy when I have ladies email me about never attending an art retreat before and this will be their FIRST!  It makes me a little nervous that I am sure they enjoy Handmade U SO MUCH, it makes me work harder to prepare an AMAZING weekend.

I have at least 2 ladies coming this time that have never been to a retreat, they don't know a soul. I hope they can look back in a year or two and are thankful they were BRAVE and made their first step into Artsy Retreats!!

We have a few spaces left for Handmade U - Fall Semester.  The weekend details are HERE.  September 20-22 in Omaha NE.  Our instructors have COOL, AMAZING, WONDERFUL projects planned!  Hope Wallace Karney and Liesel Lund, so AWESOME!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Handmade U Sponsor #11!! - Jemellia Hilfiger

Today's sponsor is Miss JemJam herself, Jemellia Hilfiger!  Visit her blog to see what amazing Quilts she's been making, cute clothing for her sweet daughter and other craftiness!

Jemellia is a talented fun girl that I've had the pleasure of seeing at many art retreats over the years.

Visit her etsy shop to see some totally cute zipper pouches!!

Look at this beautiful quilt she's made too!  Love it!!

Thanks AGAIN Jemellia!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Handmade U Sponsor #10!! - Christine Barker

Hi All - 

If you know Christine Barker, you've seen glimpses of the amazing Art Journal Apron that she has made to be given away at Handmade U!!!  I am so excited to see it in person!  She's used many fabrics from one of our favorite lines by Kaari Meng at French General.  What an amazing Sponsor for Handmade U!

Check out what Christine is up to on her blog Art and Love Alchemy HERE!

Also see what goodies you can find at her shop HERE!

Thanks Christine!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Handmade U Sponsors!! - #9 Hope Ellington

Our Sponsor for today is Hope Ellington.  Hope is going to be attending her 3rd semester this fall at Handmade U!  She also is going to be a Sponsor this year again!

You can check out Hope's blog HERE.  Hope is such a talented gal, she has some serious soldering skills!  Hope made some fun felted cuffs too you can see on her blog, check this one out :

Love listening to her stories, and seeing what she comes up with in her projects!  Can't wait to see you again HOPE!



Sunday, August 5, 2012

Handmade U Sponsor #8 - Wanda Clark

So happy to announce Wanda Clark of Rat's Pajama's is a 3rd Time Sponsor!  We LOVE Wanda's support as a sponsor, but are even more excited that she will be attending this Semester as a Student and Vendor!! YAY!

Wanda has tons of fun ephemera and finds at her etsy shop HERE!

Keep up with her at her blog Rat's Pajama's HERE.

Thanks Wanda!  Looking forward to seeing you!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Handmade U Sponsor #7 - Michele Witchell

The Sponsor of the day is Michele Witchell of Life on this Good Day Blog - check it HERE

Check out her Artful Thursdays where Michele shares fun and creative tutorials for some cute projects.  She walks you step by step in making something new!   Always great for inspiration!

Thanks Michele, we appreciate your support of Handmade U!!


Friday, August 3, 2012

Handmade U Sponsor #6 - Heidi Woodruff

Hi All -

Today's sponsor is Heidi Woodruff from Everyday Cookies Custom and Hand-painted Signs!  Check out her beautiful signs at her etsy shop HERE.

I especially like this one, just because it is so TRUE!!!

Her blog is also a fun spot to follow her fun projects, her family and creative ideas.  Go take a gander at it HERE!

Thanks so much Heidi for sponsoring Handmade U this semester!!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Handmade Sponsor #5 - Lisa Kettell

I am so excited to share today's Sponsor - Lisa Kettell of Lisa Kettell Designs.  Check her out here BLOG!  You may know Lisa from her book Altered Art Circus, so adorable!  So many fun tutorials and projects are her site!  Just love all the colors and eye candy on her blog!

Thanks Lisa for your support of Handmade U!!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Handmade U Sponsor #4 - Kecia Deveney, Lemoncholy Studio

Our Fourth Sponsor of Handmade U is Kecia Deveney of Lemoncholy Studios.  Check her website out HERE.  She is an artist, collector, instructor, and lover of all things vintage!

If you haven't visited Kecia's etsy store DO IT NOW!!!  Visit it HERE!  Beautiful necklaces like this one are for sale, I am LOVING all of them!

I love when you find a perfect piece of jewelry that speaks to you, don't you??

We are so excited that Kecia is sponsoring Handmade U by providing us a necklace for a prize!  

Thanks Kecia!!