Monday, January 25, 2016

New Website and New BLOG

HI All -

I want to thank everyone who has ever stopped over to Rach-ology to read the words I've shared.  I started this blog while living in Denver years ago and so much has changed.  Not only have I moved back to my home state of Nebraska after so many years away in Chicago then Denver, but now I'm married to my best friend Jim, retired, living in the country on a beautiful homestead with a puppy, chickens and a big red barn full of barn cats!  I couldn't have even dreamed of this when I wrote my first blog post so many years ago.

Not long after I moved to Nebraska I began planning and hosting a womens' creative retreat called Handmade U.  It has grown and evolved into something I look forward to twice a year.  I am dreaming big and building it to so much more than it is even today and I hope you join me as that comes to be!

It is about time I merged my Handmade U website and my blog along with all the other fun things I've got going on.  So please join me over at the new address -  You will see a landing page and then just click BLOG!

Hope to see you there!!