Wednesday, December 23, 2015

On the 10th Day of Christmas - Lorraine Bell inspired me!

Merry Day 10 of Christmas!

On the 10th Day of Christmas Lorraine Bell inspired me!

Lorraine as you may have read on Rae's Day 9 Post was a teacher at our last Handmade U.  I met Lorraine years ago at Brave Girl Camp.  From our interaction I knew that Lorraine was a gentle soul full of generous spirit.  I followed her and her art through social media since then and was so excited for her and her team of friends at Art to the 5th with their work on the Documented Life Project.  I wanted to have them all come to do Art in the Barn with me, but with limited space it just didn't make sense which is why just Lorraine and Rae came to teach.  The Duo made teaching together look effortless.  They make a great pair!

Lorraine inspires so many with her daily sketches and watercolors.  The painting/sketch Lorraine did of our Red Barn after the retreat was Sooo Amazing!  The tricks and tips she shared during our event will stick with us all for a very long time.  When faced with a blank canvas many of us didn't know where to start.  She told us in her very sweet and calm voice, just throw on some color.  No top secret tip only long time artists know, just a very simple, pretty straight forward way to GET OVER OURSELVES and BEGIN.  And that is what we did.  What a wonderful life lesson.  "Just throw some color on it."

Beyond being an inspired artist, Lorraine's patient and giving nature was so appreciated when making art that was new for many of our students.  The sitting down next to each student that needed help was so cherished by the gals.

If you know Lorraine you know she has had a sudden loss in her family.  The bravery and courage that she needs now is nothing but inspirational.  The overwhelming support from friends, family, and her community not only shows their compassion, but certainly reflects so highly on the kind of person Lorraine is, for people are giving back what she most definitely has given time and time again.
(Lorraine on the far left)

Lorraine my heart goes out to you and your family.  You are truly an inspiration for some many reasons.  Wishing you Peace and Light.  Thank you for being you.

Love you!

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