Wednesday, December 23, 2015

On the 11th Day of Christmas - Mandee Jablonski Inspired Me!

Merry Day 11 of Christmas!

Today Mandee Jablonski inspired me!  Mandee and I have never met face to face...I think she is the only gal on my 12 Days that I haven't met in person.  I am not quite sure where we came across each other,  I think maybe Instagram, in any case somewhere out in the Interwebs....

Mandee is a teacher, and from what I see on social media a very FUN one at that.  Whether it is celebrating PJ day, or Clown day, she always seems to have a smile on,  joining in with her "little monsters" as she affectionately calls them, and having a good humor about being exhausted and tired, aka being human.  Mandee inspires with the love of her life, living an authentic life, trials and all.  You can find her on Instagram @ohmandee!

Mandee and her husband are praying to build a family, traveling down paths, some which we have experienced as well.  Mandee now uses her crafty skills to sell handcrafted items to seek a child through adoption.  Seeking Baby J is her love-filled business with what I would say is one of the greatest purposes.  They have so much love between them overflowing and ready to shower on a baby of their own.

Sometimes it is hard to see it, other times you can't imagine how something good can come from a trial or hard time you are going through.  It is worth stopping and looking back at some of those hard times, and realize the people that have come into your life, those you've gotten to know, or experiences you've had because of your challenges.

I wish nothing but the best of luck as your journey continues Mandee!  I can't wait to see where it takes you.


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