Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Are you on the fence about coming to Handmade U?

So I have people that see the photos of Handmade U and say - "Wow looks like such a fun time, what a great weekend it looks like you all had!!"  I agree, and say "It was truly such a fabulous time, we have another semester coming up in May, come and join the fun!"  Many times the response then is "oh I'm not an artist, not crafty, I've never learned how to do any of this...."

Ladies, we all start somewhere.

Why not start at Handmade U??

If you've noticed I have had many teachers come through the barn door.  Painting, mixed media, leather cuffs, paper collage, book making, soldering jewelry, doodling, we have covered a lot of crafty/artsy ground.

And you know what??  Not every student had ever soldered, or collaged, or tooled leather, or carved a stamp....some even said they didn't think they'd ever figure out how to carve a stamp for instance...

and you know the funny thing is...they did it, and I heard they even did it again after class!!

So come, don't let your fear or intimidation that your work won't be as good as your neighbors stop you from the joy it could bring you ... if you let go and come for the friendships, the weekend away, the meals someone else will cook for you, the creative process of learning from these amazing teachers, to try something new, you'll open up something within you..I just know you will.

Be vulnerable, be open, be ready for a challenge and some fun!  You might even surprise yourself...

And the one thing I know for sure is true... you'll have a lot of new friends cheering you on!

Come join in!  Your creative side (yes the one you might not even know you had) is asking so very sweetly!!

Early Bird Pricing for May 12-14, our 10th Semester, ends Oct 31.

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