Thursday, November 14, 2013

Handmade Wedding - Prep & Ceremony - A Look 2 Years Back!

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The morning of the wedding I woke up and was very excited to get ready for the big day!  My friend Katy stayed with me the night before and we headed downtown to the Magnolia Hotel where our reception was to be held and where we'd get ready for the ceremony.


We had hair and makeup done at the hotel.  While we were doing this Jim had one of our nieces bring in the roses he got for me with a very sweet card.  Always thoughtful.

I was very excited to wear these shoes....I may just need to find another reason to wear them :)

My Mom and I went to one dress shop, this was among the dresses I tried on that first stop!  I fell in love!  Especially after the dress owner said I could have that one that fit perfectly for 50% off!!  WHAT!!??  Yes wrap it up please!!

I found these super fun feathers at Tinsel Trading Company in New York City during a trip earlier in the year.  I thought how fun they'd be as hair adornments, so I bought a bunch!  I love them.

As far as my hair goes I had made these fun beaded flowers a year or so before while I was in California at an Art Retreat.  I was lucky enough to scoot on over to the French General  and take a class that Shea & Debbie from A Gilded Life.  I wanted to use the flowers for something special, so I turned it into a hair adornment!  Loved it!

It matched very nicely with the surprise jewelry Jim gifted to me for the ceremony!

I decided at the end to have a veil made!  So glad I did, I loved it!

I made simple necklaces with cream cabachons for each of the girls too.  The earrings, which you can just make out in the below pics were a little more complicated!  Thanks to Kaari Meng who helped me design them while we were in France that summer.  Lots of little pearls dangling away!

The Beautiful St John's on the Creighton Campus

The Program was done in our colors, Navy and Lime Green, to match our Invitations.

We opted for simple bows on the pews.

I had mentioned that I always thought a bagpipe player would be so cool before the wedding, and guess who Jim surprised me with!

We couldn't ask for a more beautiful church full of all our family and friends.

What a wonderful day!

More to come after the ceremony!


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  1. Oh beautiful! So fun to live the day! Wish we could have been here, but now glad we are together to make new memories! :)