Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Handmade U Fall 2013 - Day Two Class with Lexi Grenzer!

Our Saturday class of Handmade U was spent with the wonderful Lexi Grenzer! The project was decorating shadowboxes and creating a soldered necklace with them!  So much fun!

Lexi created these wonderful kits for us!  So cute!

The first step was to decorate with paint, papers, little doo dads, etc our shadowboxes.....

Here are some of the samples and goodies Lexi brought to share....

Michelle brought some fun little things to choose from to make her adorable shadowbox...if you know Michelle Geller you won't be surprised that she used a mini Dennison label in hers ;)

Kim and Jennifer working away.....

I make sure that the teachers at Handmade U have a chance to take the other teachers class!  You can see Stephanie is having a ball learning something new from Lexi!!  Love that!

Here is my shadowbox in progress.... I found the adorable flag pin at Second Chance antique shop that some of us searched through after dinner the evening before....  The other items were in my swaps that I'll share soon!!  I opted to used this great red ruffled crepe paper for my background instead of painting......  I am excited to make more!

We learned to patina the pieces and soldering....

Further progress on my shadowbox......I loved soldering, I need to do it more often!!

The class in soldering I had taken in the past was so huge I didn't get any time with the teacher.  I was so grateful that the size of this retreat was so that each of us were able to ask Lexi questions and get individual attention.  Lexi is a very patient teacher!  She broke down the steps to make it easy for even the soldering challenged!!  THANKS LEXI!

Lexi in action.....

Finished Shadow Box!

 The day was amazing....we worked through lunch with our boxed lunches since we all were so into what we were doing!  After such a successful busy day some may have taken advantage of Happy Hour specials that were ending soon..... ;)

We concluded the weekend at Twisted Fork, a Handmade U Favorite!

What a fun weekend of classes with the best teachers!!  Thanks ladies!!


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  1. Sooooo much fun! Lexi WAS an amazing teacher! I have soldered 12 Christmas ornaments since her class and I was a solder first timer. What a fabulous day! And love the photo of Shelley with her double Mary'! Thanks for making it so special once again Rachel. xo