Sunday, December 20, 2015

On the 8th Day of Christmas - Lisa McKenny inspired me!

Merry Day 8 of Christmas!

On the 8th Day Lisa McKenney inspired me!!  Lisa is the beautiful shop owner at Loved Squared Designs.  Lisa creates beautiful leather cuffs and more!  

(Lisa on the right)

Most recently she has collaborated with Stephanie Ackerman to create special pieces which when sold part of the proceeds went to Beauty for Ashes Uganda ( ) for their “Veggies for Christmas” campaign which means every necklace that was sold provides 1 Garden per momma in Uganda and the ability to grow food for their family for a whole year! 

I'm inspired by Lisa for working with her God-given talents to bless others.  She is a nurturer, a calm force of support for her family and friends, a strong faithful Mom and wife, a caring and thoughtful soul, and so much more.  

I love buying handmade items, and buying those that not only support small businesses, but support wonderful organizations that help others less fortunate is a win-win-win!  I'm looking forward to seeing what more Lisa creates in 2016!  Keep your eyes open, I'm sure she will bless so many more with her inspirational jewelry and work!

Thanks Lisa for being my Day 8 Inspiration!!  xox Love you!


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