Monday, December 14, 2015

On the 2nd Day of Christmas - Kerri MacDonald Inspired Me

It is the 2nd Day of Christmas and as I thought about all the women I know, and some I only know mostly via social media, I landed on a special person as my inspiration for Day 2 of this Christmas Season.

Kerri MacDonald.  I met Kerri at Brave Girls Camp in March of this year.  She is a very bright spot of Sunshine.  She is positive, encouraging, and a Brave soul.

I love seeing women being supportive, positive and "a good listener" even on social media.  I see Kerri cheerlead for her friends each and every day.  In this day and age of busy lives and information overload, it reaffirms the meaning of being a friend to see someone that still maintains friendships not only with likes of cute pics, but with words of encouragement, checking in with one another, and patting someone of the back for their talent and efforts.  I know I will try to be more like Kerri and spread positivity, encouragement, and love to my friends in person, and also via social media.

Thanks Kerri for being a great model for us all!

Kerri is the cutie in the middle ;)

Kerri - your special gift will be headed your way tomorrow!

Merry 2nd Day of Christmas!



  1. Thank you so much Rachel!!!I am so grateful to be a person of inspiration, totally made my December!!Thank you soon much!

  2. This is so true!!!!! You are so sweet!!!! Both of you!!! XOXOXOXO