Friday, December 18, 2015

On the 6th Day of Christmas Kaari & Molly Meng inspired me!

Merry 6th Day of Christmas!

Today is a two-fer!  Creative Sisters that have been inspiring me for years.  I first met Kaari at an Art Retreat years ago, right after I decided to sign up for the French General trip to a Chateau in the South of France to eat, craft, antique, explore and eat some more.  At the time I knew Kaari to be the creative shop owner of French General.  The French General sells the most unique, beautiful, and fun glass beads and trimmings and so much more.  You can shop online HERE if you aren't in the LA area.

Since the first time I met Kaari, she has expanded her domination of the craft/fabric/jewelry community with many hoard-worthy lines of MODA fabrics, she can cover your windows and couches with beautiful fabrics too - you can find those at Jo-Ann's and other shops, she's had scrapbook/paper lines at Michael's, and her own Sizzix lines that I was lucky enough to receive and will be finding more time to use in the new year -  find yours here.  If you love stitching, like I do, you'll have to check out her line of embroidery floss and stitching pattens.

Kaari and I circa 2010

 If you want to experience France for the first time, you will definitely want to do it Meng style!  Kaari  has a wonderful crew with her that will make you feel like part of the family.  One of the crew is Kaari's sister, Molly Meng.  Molly is so many things, but if I had to pick just one word to describe her it is FUN.

She will keep you laughing and smiling the entire time.  The picture of Molly above reminds me of her infectious laughter and joy.  Molly really connects with people.  She loves talking to the people she mets along the way, and not only does she love talking, but even more it seems she loves LISTENING.  Listening to people's histories, their path to get to where they are today, it is one of her amazing traits.  She has a love for old vintage photos as well, imagining the lives of those in those photos is a pastime of hers.

Molly partners up for the Meng & Mahar workshops in Southern CA.  Her line-up of workshops look fantastic!  Check them out here!  Molly also has a quirky and cute line of greeting cards 8mm Ideas , they are created using vintage papers, so unique and I'd love to find one in my post office box...just saying.

These two amazingly creative women also have The Art of Craft retreats and other wonderful workshops.  Look them up, get to know them, follow all the exciting adventures they will continue to have ahead!

Love you two and Miss you, thanks for being an inspiration for us all!


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