Tuesday, December 15, 2015

On the 3rd Day of Christmas - Stephanie Ackerman Inspired Me

Merry 3rd Day of Christmas!

My inspiration on this 3rd day of Christmas is Stephanie Ackerman!

Stephanie taught at Handmade U a couple years ago.  I remember I was trying to find a talented doodle/letterer and came across her art on Facebook or the internet, and with perhaps just another friend's agreement that she looked like someone we needed at Handmade U, I reached out to her and invited her to come.

We were so lucky She said YES!  Stephanie came to Omaha.... she taught, she learned, she shared, and she connected.  Her class was joyful and FUN!  I know we all want her to come back, this time at the Red Barn....we are working on it...it WILL happen.

Beyond being inspired by her at Handmade U, what has continued to inspire is what she's done since her time in Nebraska with us.  Her goals and dreams are probably not all that different than many artists/creatives....to make, to inspire, to create, to share her god-given talents, to dream bigger, BUT what does stand out to me is she puts in the work, the effort, and the HEART, to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I'm so happy for her success in sharing herself through shop visits and classes, retreat classes, her SIZZIX line, the Documented Faith series and products, and her daily dose of Faith and crafty inspiration.  I don't know how she does it all, except from the strength in her deep
Faith, and pure adrenaline!  I love it all, I love her!

Stephanie inspires me to not just Dream, but to PUT IT INTO ACTION!!  To be excited about where the dreams will take you.

Thanks Stephanie for your Inspiration, your gift is on its way!!


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  1. Thank you friend! you, your sweet hubby and that big ol' barn inspire me too!!!! Thank you for having me at Handmade U. I met ladies that became my friends and will be forever!