Saturday, December 19, 2015

On the 7th Day of Christmas Lexi Grenzer Inspired Me!

Merry 7th Day of Christmas!

Today and nearly everyday Lexi Grenzer is inspiring me.  Lexi is an amazing artist with talents that run the gamut from soldering to her newer love of stuffed animals!  Just about any craft or art medium you can think of I think she has a talent in, and if she doesn't now, mention it to her and in a week she has mastered it!

Lexi taught at Handmade U a few years ago.  She showed us all how to make amazing soldered box pendants and turn them into necklaces.  She not only shared with us her expansive knowledge of the techniques and tricks to making a beautiful piece, Lexi also had the patience and kindness to match her talent.  If you have ever soldered or attempted to before, you know it isn't necessarily an easy thing to learn, sometime it can be downright frustrating!  Lexi gave everyone who needed the extra attention more of her time, even after dinner when her teaching time was "officially" over.

If you follow Lexi on Facebook you know she is always making new and fun things with all kinds of workshops being offered.  If I lived close to her I think I'd be over at her place ALL the time!

One the cutest new things she's created is her new little baby!  Being a young mother of now TWO, she inspires by showing you can still find time to follow your passion!

Check out the new Somerset Magazine - Prims - Lexi's inspired work in featured. Congrats Lexi - Well deserved!

Lexi thanks for being an inspiration to so many with your talent, and even more with your sweet, loving nature.  I look forward to seeing what you do next, and hope one day soon to have you back out to Nebraska to teach in the Barn!  Love you!