Thursday, December 17, 2015

On the 5th Day of Christmas ... Jennifer Allred inspired me.

Merry 5th Day of Christmas!

My Day 5 Inspiration is my sweet friend Jennifer Allred.

Jennifer is a wonderful Mom to three boys.  If you know Jen you know she is always on the go between games whether it be baseball or hockey.  On top of the normal Mom responsibilities that she takes on full-time, she also has the additional duty of being a Type 1 Diabetes Mom.  She is passionate about supporting and advocating for her son Jackson whether it be in school or finding the absolute best medical care and treatment.

To see how Jackson is learning to advocate for himself as a spokesperson for living with Type 1 Diabetes is a true testament to the love and care he gets from his Mom (and Dad too!)

Jennifer also inspires me by finding time to do what she loves and sharing it with everyone through The Turquoise Tomato Etsy shop.  You will find her beautiful Leather Cuffs, and drool worthy stitched hoop necklaces!  I am so honored to have her on my Handmade U Stitch Team!  You'll see much more from her and the rest of the
Team in 2016!

Jennifer inspires me by always having a smile and laugh, even when she might be frazzled with all kinds of challenges, she keeps her humor about her, and focuses on what is most important, her kids and family.

Thanks Jennifer for being such an inspiration in Family and Faith and Stitching!  Love you!

I know many friends join Jennifer in raising children with illness, or other challenges.  I'd like to say I am inspired by all of you!  Putting your kids first and doing EVERYTHING you can to give them the best life and best care is such a blessing for them and whether people tell you often or not, you are doing a great job!

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