Friday, June 8, 2012

My Birthday Weekend

Hi Everyone,

Even though my birthday was in April, I thought I'd share the fun weekend we had to celebrate the achievement of another year!  Since my birthday fell the weekend before Handmade U - Spring, I figured I'd have lots left to do, so we didn't go away too far.

It was a stormy weekend but we decided to brave the tornado WARNINGS, yes not watches, and drive from Omaha to Nebraska City, home of Arbor Day!  

There is a cute place called Lied Lodge where my husband booked a room.  It was a little dicey as we got close, the sirens were sounding, and apparently tornados touched down 20 miles away..waves of rain drenched the car....but as you may have guessed by my writing this post, we survived!

When we arrived at the Lodge and we relaxed in the lobby which was full of travelers and campers that came in for shelter.  

We taste tested the local Apple Wine, which was very sweet, but not too bad.  Bought some cheeses and crackers and had a little happy hour.

Sunday morning we had a relaxing massage, tasty brunch buffet and headed to tour around the area before heading home.

First stop was Kimmel Orchard


We tested an apple turnover and iced apple cider.  We also picked up some Apple Maple Syrup that we need to try out at home sometime soon.

Then I wanted to show Jim Monument Square, the park with the Whispering Bench!

Here is the tale of the bench...

Jim sat at one end and I on the other and if we whispered to the side of the bench we could hear each other!

We headed on our way back to Omaha with a quick stop at an antique mall that was just recovering from the huge flood we had in the area a couple years ago.  They showed pictures of the sandbag piles they had around the whole huge building that saved them.

When we got home we attempted to go out to dinner to the new Joe's Crab Shack to celebrate Sunday evening with my parents.  However, there was a 2 hour wait since new restaurants get bombarded when they open in Omaha.  We chose Cheesecake Factory next door.  Always a good standard.

Monday was my actual Birthday, so I was surprised by flowers from my sweet husband, after he already gave me generous gifts over the weekend.

We met my parents for a second try at Joe's Crab Shack over lunch on Monday.  Unfortunately it was a bad experience.  Long waits, cold food, unhappy wait staff....the opening month just didn't work for them.   Silver lining we got to wear bibs...and how often anymore do you get to do that?!?

So Jim also had ordered a cake, and of course he thought I needed cupcakes too!  So thoughtful!  Thanks Jim....I don't know why right now I have a taste for cake.....

A wonderful birthday weekend!!

- Rach


  1. Looks like you celebrated well!!!! I wish I could make Hand Made but, I just can't do it all!Charlene